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4-Year Anniversary of the GSAR Revival

posted by Kirigishi on Thursday, 30. June 2016 @ 21:47:46 View Replies

Moving Forward!

posted by Patsy Dragon on Wednesday, 13. January 2016 @ 07:04:48 View Replies

Changing of the Guard, Chapter 2

posted by Dave on Saturday, 02. January 2016 @ 03:01:22 View Replies
As has become a(n almost) yearly tradition, the current Administration team has decided to introduce some new blood to help take us in a stronger direction through 2016 and beyond. As always, the decision was made not just based on level of activity, but on a number of factors including past contributions and future potential.

Welcome, Ignatius!

Also, pls don't read too far into the fact that most of the staff are now Mars clan members. It's coincidental. Draconis OP.

Enter the Mists...

posted by Dave on Tuesday, 22. December 2015 @ 05:42:12 View Replies

Posted Image

A Rift has opened up in the middle of the Refuge, leading to a brand new world. Venture through, if you dare, for there is much to discover...

Enter the Mists...

The first few elements of GSAR's new Massive Forum Event Game are now live. It is intended to run long-term, rather than be a limited event, so we'll see how it goes.

You'll find that there is currently very little content, but this should change as clans start claiming lighthouses and the map is revealed. Things are very basic right now - more mechanics will be added over time. In general, I believe the different aspects of the "game" should be fairly straightforward, but I'm not the best at explaining things so let me know if something is confusing.

The immediate aim of the game is to throw your Elemental Star Fragments into one of the four lighthouse beacons. Once a lighthouse reaches 100%, it will be claimed by the Clan that threw in the most star fragments. Whether you want to collaborate, or attempt to steal a lighthouse away from another clan, will be up to you. I realise that Mercury will be fairly handicapped here, and am looking into a way to help with this (probably just make mercury stars worth double the amount).

Claiming a lighthouse will push back the mists and reveal locations in the surrounding area (as well as new lighthouses to claim). These locations may provide your clan with resources, trigger quests/events, or provide something else...

There are some very brief instructions on the Portal page which I'd advise you read. You will automatically gain a star fragment every ~4 hours once you have created your character, and very soon, there will be a couple of new ways to earn stars through the game. Oh and you can win quite a few through the Lucky Medal Fountain... if you're lucky.

As always, pls report bugs. There are going to be lots...

Note: there may be a bug with the lighthouse claim system. If a lighthouse reaches 100%, and does not automatically convert to a claimed lighthouse, you'll have to wait for me to do it manually. Don't throw any more stars into the beacon or you'll be wasting them.

Post Bomb #10 Results

posted by Dave on Monday, 21. December 2015 @ 07:35:16 View Replies
Post Bomb #10, aka. The Inter-GS-Forum Post Bomb Extravaganza!, has now ended. I've split the results into two separate days, which are based off the "official" times (Eastern Time).

Posted Image

Congrats to Saturos (lol do you even go here) and Patsy (and to Mars for dominating across both days [HAIL DRACONIS]).

I will distribute medals/clan point awards soon. To make things a little fairer, and since the post numbers are very close anyway, I will award a runner up prize to a member from each clan.

Clans of the Refuge - Era 1 is Live!

posted by Dave on Sunday, 20. December 2015 @ 06:41:45 View Replies
The first Era (season) of our little clan competition has now officially started. It is currently planned to run until sometime in April next year.

I've put together a bit of a balancing system, which will be trialed in this first Era. Essentially, all new clan points are balanced (to an extent) based on the number of active members in each clan in the previous two weeks. Every two weeks, the number of active members is recalculated, and the points for the next two weeks are balanced based on these values (ie. previously gained points aren't changed).

I'm sure that the current formula isn't perfect, so I'll most likely update when I have more real data to work with.

As a side effect of the balancing, it is now possible to gain fractions of points. To make things simpler, all clan totals are floored (rounded down) in the listing on the forum sidebar, but you can view the actual total by clicking on the clan.

A list of the things that we currently award points for is available on the CotR index page, here:


We are still working on this - point values may change, and we will probably end up adding more to it. If you have any suggestions, let us know.


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» [Voting] GSAR Member Awards 2015!
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» 3-Year Anniversary of the GSAR Revival
posted by Kirigishi on Tuesday, 07. July 2015 @ 00:52:47

» Elementalist: Spirit Guardian
posted by Dave on Saturday, 27. June 2015 @ 00:01:16

posted by Dave on Saturday, 17. January 2015 @ 13:10:37

» (Revival of) Djinn (of the Refuge)
posted by Dave on Tuesday, 06. January 2015 @ 10:18:14

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