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The Draconian Federation

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The Draconian Federation, home of the Mars Clan.

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  • Clan ranks update!

    by Ignatius Sep 06 2016 05:21 AM

    Draconian member ranks have been updated and added to, drawing mostly from the various World 1 Draconian military rank names decided upon during last year's worldbuilding.

    The default rank is now Infernal Legionnaire.
    Based upon rough estimations of level of contribution to the clan, higher ranks have also been assigned: Helion Troop, Vulcan Brigadier, and Promethean Guard.

    Additionally, all clan members who have created a main in-universe character who holds a specified rank in World 1 Draconis have been given a rank with that same name (Jigoku-Rei now holds the clan rank of DED Commander, and Deltan the Dramatic, that of DED Warrant Officer).

    Dave, our clan's founder and longest-tenured member, will henceforth hold the rank of Eternal Flame.

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