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The Tellurian Republic

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Owner: Dave

Founded: 25-September 12

Members: 27

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Welcome to Telluria!"In the southeastern corner of the world lies a Democratic Republican country with the ideals of Venus - leadership, faith, and courage. Indra, Oceania, and one of the Apojii Islands are under its domain. Diversity is important to the people that call Telluria home.Iron Man: (Umbra_Clan)Second-in-Command: Annora Lightseer (Lightseer)Rules for Membership to the Tellurian Republic:
  • Members must have at least 10 posts to be accepted. They may apply early if they wish, but it will not be accepted until their post count reaches 10 or more.
  • Returning clan members who were not automatically placed back in the clan after the system switch may reapply and be accepted, no matter the post count.
Fun facts
  • Emu cavalry. That is all.
  • Our space program is currently capable of exploring the reaches of the sky!
  • Monocles and top hats are given to every member of the clan.
  • We helped fend off the banana menace that threatened to engulf the Draconian Federation.
  • Ice cream diplomacy was founded by Ryu Gaia, the Rocket Alchemist of Telluria.


  • The Iron Declaration

    by Umbra_Clan Jul 28 2014 02:27 PM

    Fellow Tellurians, and those who do not call Telluria home, heed this Iron Declaration.

    During my time in Telluria, I have watched the other clans grow and change, bringing laud and honor to those who call such places their homes.

    Yet my reign in the Tellurian Republic has so far done little. I was blessed to inherit a Republic at peace, which had been showered with prosperity and members abundant. I saw little room for improvement when I first came to power, and thus there was little for me to do.

    However, I am not one to sit idly by and simply take care of an nation, waiting for my successor to eventually be elected to take my place. I have found something that needed improvement, and I am here to rectify this.

    My reformation is twofold.

    1) Clan titles. The Earth Knights of old have grown stale, and are in need of a rebranding. Henceforth, all Earth Knights and entry level members of the Tellurian Republic are to be dubbed Legionaries. I am also adding an incentive to commit themselves to the betterment of all of GSAR. Those above 500 posts shall be given the title of Centurion; those above 1000 posts shall be given the title of Legate, and those above 1500 posts shall be given the title of Sentinel. Sentinels may petition for the title of "Silver Sentinel", which shall be the head of domestic affairs, and included in the upper echelon of Tellurian command, alongside myself and Lightseer.

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  • The Beginning of Tempura...

    by Nyran Jul 12 2014 03:58 AM

    Is not as joyful as we all wish it could be.

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Nyran Altair, and I am Baron Goofball, and now...I am acting leader of all Telluria! Well, umm, I'm actually just a temp, but uh...Still! Under my approximate one week reign, I promise to not engage in any wars with the other clans, because that would end very badly for a lot of people, I'm sure. Peace shall be maintained, order kept, and justice always present and in effect.

    However, the grim news I bring is that the walls of the clan borders are quite...weak. Everywhere you look, there have been multiple accounts of messages left in the darkest, most secret, sacred places in their lands. So I must say to all of you, please, be careful, and try not to get completely ruined by any of these messages that may conceal something! Like, bombs, or other dangerous hidden stuff. So, yes, do be careful, because with these intruders, they leave just as fast as they arrive.

    So yes, any and all concerns regarding Tempura shall be addressed towards myself, or if you hate me, and think I can go die in a whole or something, and just don't want to talk to me, then you don't get your issues taken care of. ^^

    Also, under my reign, something's gonna change here. All the clans, no matter how small, suffer from Lurkers, or Inactive users! It sickens me, so from now on, a new law shall be passed in Tempura!


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  • [News] Closed Membership (Temporary)

    by Patsy Dragon Sep 08 2013 11:48 PM

    Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well! =)

    I wanted to make a formal announcement regarding admissions to Venus Clan/Telluria. They will be temporarily closed (again).

    Compared to other clans, our clan has a high amount of active members, and members in general. The fact that we're so active is a great thing! It means that we can have lots of fun with one another and build a history we can be proud of.

    But, I also have to be considerate towards the other clans. While they also have wonderful people, they're struggling with their clan activity. This is partly because of the number of active people they call clansmen. There's not that many, for a variety of reasons. By closing our borders, we can let prospective members potentially join other clans and partake in their shenanigans (which I bet they want to do, if they had the members!).

    To hopefully help them, Dave and I agree to close admissions until the number of active clan members picks up in the other clans. I highly encourage prospective members to explore the other clans and think of what you can contribute to them! This way, the entire community can experience what we already enjoy.

    If you have questions about clans in general, or are extremely dead-set on joining our clan, please send me a private message or post in this thread. Feel free to give feedback on this decision here, too!

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  • [News] The Announcement

    by Patsy Dragon Sep 04 2013 01:45 AM

    Important note: This is both an IC and an OOC statement from me. Just so no one gets confused. But, I am typing this as myself.

    When I whimsically started all of this shenanigans a few days ago, it was in the prime interest of having good, clean fun with everyone. There were other reasons too - to get new members interested in the Clan RP (which hadn't gone anywhere on the forum), see who wanted to get involved with clan affairs overall, and see how people would react to something like this, something that brought conflict between clans. But, my primary interest was for everyone to enjoy themselves.

    Lately, I feel that what I started has caused more problems than anything. What I didn't start (in my clumsy manner), I was involved in somehow or OK'd. This involves the Proposal thread, discussions in chats, and even Alchemy and his shenanigans. I've seen some people who are dear to me get frustrated and upset, and only a few people seem to be gaining something positive from all of this. Despite my intentions, what I started truly began to wreak some real havoc that reached beyond mere play. I even regret bringing this up in the first place.

    I apologize to all of you, especially the people who were hurt or frustrated somehow from the beginning to now. Seeing people get upset is not fun, and is not what I wanted in the first place. I don't like seeing my friends get hurt and fight with each...

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  • [News] A Proposal from the Iron Lady

    by Patsy Dragon Aug 30 2013 05:27 AM

    Hello everybody! I have a few things to mention about our clan. Pardon me for my casual language, but it speeds things up...

    *shuffles a few unimportant papers*

    First off, I keep forgetting to mention how awesome Test's performance was in the Mini-Game Competition back in our Community Anniversary celebration! Through blood, tears, and the loss of several patches of skin, Test represented our clan well with his determination and bravery. Everyone, give Test your heartiest congratulations and Potions when you see him!


    Something has been on my mind for the past few months. I am well aware of and appreciate the peace that has come between the clans. Actually, just saying I appreciate it isn't enough - I really really love it! This is what makes the Refuge a home for me. I can't have it any other way, and I will do what it takes to protect it.

    Because of that, a part of me wondered what I could do to not only help us grow closer, but propel us forward into the future together, as one family. I thought about what we have so far - everyone mingles together, without caring too much about each other's nationality. It seems to matter little in our daily interactions, and while there is some historical conflicts, it...

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