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The Aeolian Empire

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You stand within the borders of the mighty Aeolian Empire, a domain where the winds bring enlightenment.  Spanning across four continents, the domain of the empire reaches far and wide - from the great city of Nyci in Hesperia, to the majestic Rocas Mountains, the Zonam Rainforests of Atteka, to the southern Plains of Austra.  Even the frozen southern reaches of Tundaria fall under the territory of the Empire. Aeolian culture values the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and reason.  There is also a general sense of fairness that has been developed over the last several generations.  Their laws may enforced stricter than in other regions, but they are all generally seen as fair and just, and sometimes even forgiving.  It is typically seen by Aeolians that reward doesn't come without hard work, and the citizens work hard to make a living.  For the most part, the standard of living is somewhat high in urban areas, while still respectful in rural locations.In terms of demographics, 40% of the citizens are Jupiter Elemental, 29% are Mercury Elemental, 19% are Venus Elemental, and 12% are Mars Elemental.  78% of the population are Adepts of some degree, 22% are Inepts.


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  • [News] Update 2: Locations of the Empire

    by Rolina Mar 02 2013 11:12 PM

    Forum Updates
    The following areas are new to the Aeolian Empire:

    Lands of the Empire
    This is the In Character (IC) forum section.  Within it are many subforums, each representing a major city within the Empire.  They are:

    Grand City of Nyci:  A great and wondrous city, often considered the most modernized city in the Empire.  This city is a major trading hub for the Empire, and is home to the World Square, where the Foreign Embassies are located.  It is located in northeastern Hesperia.

    Port Town of Lorias:  A bustling port town.  While Nyci is grand and new, Lorias feels humble and welcoming instead.  It used to be home to a large Thieves' Guild, but the guild was utterly crushed after Rolina came to power.  There's a tenuous mix of gratitude and resentment for her regime as a result, but they know better than to try to start an uprising.  It is located in northeastern Atteka.

    Capital City of Whitewyvern:  The Capital of the Empire, built around the Jupiter...

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  • [News] Update 1: Forum Expansion and Demographics

    by Rolina Oct 26 2012 12:14 AM

    New Forum Tools
    The Aeolian Empire has been updated to include the following areas:

    People and Places of the Empire
    This is essentially an encyclopedia of the various people (including both PCs and prominent NPCs), Cities, Landmarks, and Phenomena that exist within the Aeolian Empire.  Each topic has a particular Naming Pattern, done via tagging:

    [People] indicates that this entry refers to a person within the Empire.  Examples would include "[People] Rolina Eldis" and "[People] Thanias Ormus"
    [City] indicates cities and towns within the borders of the Empire.  Examples include "[City] Contigo" and "[City] Whitewyvern City"
    [Location] indicates notable locations, such as passes, caves, and mountain ranges.  Examples include "[Location] Andus Range" and "[Location] Zonam Rainforest"
    [Landmark] indicates a prominent location.  These are often found within other cities or locations, and all locations that generate a psynergy field (such as Rocks and Lighthouses) are considered Landmarks.  Exampl...

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