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Myrtle Hertz

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Name: Myrtle Hertz



Age: 26, birthday in late summer

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Element: Venus (Earth)

Role: Healer

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 135lb.

Build: Stocky, a little plump

Eyes: Dark brown, with hooded, large eyes.

Hair: Long, brown, thick wavy hair that reaches the bottom of her shoulder blades.

Basic Personality: Usually easygoing, Myrtle has the bedside manner of a healer. She laughs and chuckles easily  (sometimes showing her impish side to loved ones), and can be generous with people. Despite her happy demeanor, however, she often feels inadequate. She pushes herself too far and is sensitive to feedback from others, even if she's good at hiding her reactions. She is almost allergic to conflict. When she's pushed into a fight over something important to her, she does not like to back down.

Role in RP combat: Healer. She makes sure people don't get seriously injured - or die - with a mixture of healing Psynergy and herbs, ointments, salves, etc. Myrtle is not as useful on the offensive, usually preferring to immobilize her enemies instead through spells or items. At least she has her trusty stick!

Role outside of RP combat: Besides being the leader of the Tellurian Republic and The Healing Touch guild, she also applies her apothecary work wherever she goes. Every now and then, she'd travel to gather more plants for her collection, when she has time. Myrtle likes to work on public health related issues, usually delegating other tasks to people she feels are qualified for the job.

Clothes Style: She normally wears a sleeveless, gray cotton tunic with a floor-length gown underneath that's a darker shade of gray. She doesn't usually like to be noticed (and she likes the colour), and dresses rather modestly. If she's out traveling, she will wear a forest green cloak with a black hood. It has an open front with a silver leaf clasp that's of rather crude make. Because of her profession, she wears a silver (actually, it's of a much cheaper material) belt. She wears ordinary leather boots.

Appearance: Overall, it's hard to see anything exceptional in her appearance. On default, Myrtle walks slowly but surely, usually looking around and taking in the view. When walking, she keeps her hands together in front of her, holding one with the other. She has some dark body hair on her arms and legs, but they're not thick. Myrtle's shoulders are broad, and her body is oval shaped. The face is more rounded, with small ears and ruddy cheeks. Often, you see her with a smile.

Equipment: As an apothecary that has to travel sometimes, she carries a large medicine box with shoulder straps. There are drawers and shelves inside the box that hold different herbs, roots, oils, and potions in various forms (with spare packets if she has to sell or give away some). She uses small, tin containers to hold salves. She also has the materials to make a few compresses. Of course, she has a several Potions, Psynergy Stars, Nuts, Vials, and even one Water of Life on hand. The box itself is rather heavy, so she wears it as a kind of backpack. Back at the apothecary workshop, she has access to many more tools, herbs, and healing items.

Weapon(s): The Woodland Staff is her trademark weapon, passed down in the family. It is a means for Myrtle to make her identity known to other people. It looks like it was naturally grown from an oak tree. It can restore HP by the amount of damage dealt. It also makes for a good walking stick. The measurement of its strength... Well, about as strong as the Magic Rod. She keeps this staff because it has sentimental value, and because she doesn't want to spend more money on something she feels she doesn't need yet. Myrtle knows how to defend herself, but she usually isn't enthusiastic when she has to be the aggressor. If she has to fight back, her preferred method is to temporarily immobilize her enemy(ies), then deal with the situation from there. She sometimes carries Bramble Seeds in her pockets, as well as Smoke and Sleep Bombs that she used to get from her clients in the woods. She still holds on to them.

Occupation(s): Primarily an apothecary (independent healer). Discreet and tired travelers (a.k.a. bandits and criminals) liked to use her healing services, as she lived remotely in the woods before spending most of her time elsewhere. Myrtle was always interested in what her mother did, so she learned most of her healing skills from her. It was expected for her to follow in her footsteps. Myrtle loves the job with a passion, and will help anyone that asks. Her other function is the leader of the Tellurian Republic as "Iron Lady". She usually stays within the country, working on projects related to her interests, but she sometimes travels abroad for diplomatic reasons (and because she likes learning). She loves doing what she does, but she's still learning a lot about what it means to balance her healer and leader positions, especially in times of conflict.

Biography: TBW

The cottage in the woods: It's still there, even after Myrtle left it to live in the capital, close to her government work. She visits a lot to maintain the gardens, check up on old friends, and enjoy a quiet moment to herself. Some of her other clients visit the place and use it for themselves sometimes.

Father (Missing)
Mother (???)


Cure (Cure->Cure Well->Potent Cure)
Heal (Heal->Heal Well->Potent Heal) (Kinda like the Wish series)
Growth (Growth->Mad Growth->Wild Growth)
Thorn (Thorn->Briar->Nettle)
Antidote (cures poison)
Remedy (cures temporary status conditions)
Move (Innate)

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