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Mafia XVII Gangland

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Special ability activated: Crazy Cat Lady Slenderzam threw a cat at at GR and silenced him

Adrea (1)- GR
Ivan (1) - Ivan
GR (1) - Adrea

Slenderzam got a cat and threw it at GalactRay as he revealed himself. Ray fell on the ground. Cats begin surrounding Slenderzam. She grabbed Both Ray and Ivan by the heads and lifted them up. Ivan yelled, "Ray She is a monster!  She will Kill West Side gang!"
Ray yelled back,"Why the hell did you vote yourself!"
"Sunshine, the Priest Died! It is all my fault!!" Slederzam locked them both in a noose in the gallows. Her blank creepy face paralyzed them. "We are West side gang! We will not loo-" All was silent. Slenderzam stood there in the center. until the loud speakers started to sound.
"Congradulations... Weird creepy person... Well you won. Mafia is all dead. quiet interesting here. Well Citizen win The mafia is gone and the city is freed of evil. Now back to my Wine." There was a sound of someone taking a sip and it became silent. "They cycle  continues..."

1. Bunder Black; King Pin Immune to Gangs and decides who mafia attacks each turn.
2. Rei Innocence of the City: Immune to Lynch
3.Patsy Dragon Priest: Negate ability
4. Umbra Clan Trauma Nurse aka bodyguard
5. Merc High School Science Teacher: Get clues on who the killer is.
6. Galactic Ray- East Side
7. Ivan - East Side

8. Mayana West Side Gang
9. Deltan the Dramatic West Side Gang
10. Raseren: Good cop with nothign to loose. (Viglantee)
11. Adrea- Crazy Cat Lady: Negates vote.

The guy on the speaker aka Tinder: "My thoughts on this game. When Ivan (West Side) had Deltan (East Side) killed; Mayana (West side) Killed Rei (The Innocence of the City). Only after Bunder (The King Pin) chose West  to attack as a retaliation. You can say, When gangs fight. The innocence of the city dies. Poetic. Now folks I bid you adieu"

The sun rose in the city. It was a new day. Violence and bloodshed was gone.  Everything was clean. On the daily news all the corrupt officials were arrested. Those who died were never seen again. Slenderzam stood in the corner of the alley. Cats surrounded her. She owned the streets.

Citizens Win



[10:09:03 PM] Kiri: Gah, What?'s poor spelling is contagious!
[10:09:18 PM] Kiri: It is spreading throughout the lands of Draconis. Soon we shall have an epidemic on our hands.
[10:09:28 PM] CompleteZero: Worse than the banana plague too
[10:09:52 PM] CompleteZero: 'Notable Events'


[6:55:21 PM] Robert Joe: What?, you are not Jenna. You are supposed to eat the Stawberries, not people.





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To be killed by the animal he loves so much. Ivan died a Happy Death.

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