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The Nyran of the Greatly Supersized Alternate Reality Universal Cluster


Name: Nyran Altair

Age: 17

Basic Personality: Nyran is both arrogant and a coward. He is very comfortable, and confident around people he knows, loves, or both, yet very nervous when not. Especially when confronted with an enemy. He's very attached to his mask, for whatever reason.

Tellurian Carrer: Nyran found his way into Telluria after coming upon the land. He was immediately allowed by the current Tellurian Leader Myrtle. He stayed as an Earth Knight throughout the remainder of her run as leader. He retained that rank as Myrtle passed the torch to the current Iron Man, and remained loyal throughout the doldrums of peace. Eventually, the Iron Man recognized the young Altair, and bestowed upon him the rank of Baron, which he retained throughout the reformation of the Tellurian ranking system.

Appearance: Nyran wears black boots, pants, gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt. Above the shirt is a green vest, and over that is a purple hood and cape. All of these items, outside the shirt and pants, are accented with gold details and outlines. Arguably, though, Nyran's most prominent feature is his mask that obscured his less-than-attractive face. It is a mirror. A one way mirror. it fits around his head but lacks any facial details outside the nose. It has two green horns that protrude from the upper area, and stab through the hood.

Role: Nyran serves to increase strength. He has moves like Weapon Grace, and things to restore, like Cure, or revive. He also avoids being physical, or getting close, so Undead Curse, and Growth help with that.

Hobby/Passion: Nyran collects, and reads. He takes anything he finds cool, provided it does not belong to someone else. He reads on any subject that fascinates him.
"Augh, too many memes"
-Nyran Altair, almost weekly.

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