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I decided to create a new character for Clan RP only.

"I have no time to be your shrink, especially tonight. I don't care for melodramatic bullshit either. I don't take stories. Just forget that you ever saw me, we'll go on our separate ways, and we'll be cool. Kapiche?"

Name: Zuriel
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'1"
Age: 24
Element: Venus

Djinn: Aria (Jupiter), his only friend. She is more cautious and snarky with a foul-mouth, but she has a heart and she sometimes has to snap Zuriel out of his prideful nature to do what needs to be done. At times, she is his conscience. Still, she supports Zuriel in his projects...

Aria is capable of preventing an action being taken for a limited amount of time with her voice. This usually amounts to around ten seconds, but it's enough. Her ability can affect one "target" at a time of varying sizes. The time duration decreases with the size of the target, and is affected by Zuriel's adept abilities.

Basic Summary: A lithe, idealistic young man with clear silver eyes and short, messy chocolate-brown hair. He has very few friends (if any), but he would much prefer ill-gotten treasures to keep him company. Artwork, valuable tomes, jewelry, musical instruments, luxurious food, the latest technology, even just objects with sentimental value only to their poor owners... Zuriel seeks to collect the highest-quality goods.

Zuriel is well-kept with clean hands at all times (he wears gloves when he has to get dirty.) He has a lively gait, with long steps. He always seems energetic, although there are the rare times where he becomes sluggish and lazy, usually from boredom. His moods slide neatly from frustration to amusement without missing a beat. At the prospect of a lucrative "job", he faces it with child-like enthusiasm. A blood-hound raring for the chase. He uses his Psynergy to aid his endeavors, although his athletic ability is considerable, so he resorts to Psynergy only when necessary.

He is arrogant in his abilities and loves to play "the villain", even though he has only been stealing high-quality goods for the past few years. And deep down, he is a good person... But he is confident and driven, which is always necessary in his line of work. And, well, he can never let himself fail now... He has no patience for tears.

His code: Never get caught, never kill, never steal from children, and never get caught.

Background and Lifestyle: His home is well-hidden. It is unknown where he keeps most of the goods or what he does with it, although some of it has been found circulating in the black market of Telluria. There are no public records of himself or his family. Whenever he has free time, he is scheming for the next prize, fishing and hunting, or researching medicinal herbs... the latter he takes up with great zeal. Zuriel has a particular interest in music.

As for why he steals? Well, you'll have to hear from him...

Notable Psynergy:


Notable gear:

An ordinary, ragged black cloak with a wide hood.
An assembly of knives with various shapes and purposes. He loves knives.
An ordinary dagger that he keeps sheathed to his side.
A large bag to carry stolen loot in.
A small, crude stone pendant that is meant for good luck. He takes special care of this pendant.

Roleplays he's been in:


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