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[Clan RP] [Bio] Ivan Strider

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Ivan Strider

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Name: Ivan Strider
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Gender Preference: Male

[Bodily Appearance]
Hair: Ash Blond, Draped over his right eye, and medium length. Soft and slightly thin.
Ears: Medium sized and just a tiny bit pointed
Eyes: Changing from Sapphire Blue to Emerald Green. The more excited he is, the bluer his eyes become, the more angered he is, the greener his eyes become.
Nose: Fair sized
Mouth: Typical male mouth. (how do you want me to describe it)
Face Structure: a happy middle of Defined and Baby-Faced
Muscle structure: little muscle due to the coat he constantly wears. If he would just take it off he'd gain physical strength and be built like a swimmer.
Height: 5' 8''
Height Distribution: His legs are only slightly longer than his torso.
Foot size: 10 1/2
Hands: Not big and protective, but rather mid-sized and gentle. Can be protective if need be.
Skin Completion: Slightly Tanned


Overcoat: A green trench coat given to him by an old woman. It helps hone one's psynergy, but decreases your physical strength, also preventing you from getting physically stronger while wearing the coat.
Shirt: Black, slightly skin tight shirt
Pants: Grey skinny jeans. or the closest you could get in this time period.
Shoes: protective Brown leather boots
Gloves: Brown leather gauntlets
Other accessories: A cross/jupiter emblem necklace(pendant whatever)


Shy and quiet. Loving and caring. Gentle and kind. Fierce and protective. Patient and curious. Mischievous and cunning when need be. Hyper and Fun. Lonely and secluded.

Ivan was raised higher ranked than most. His parents were in the Jovian system of government before the name was changed along with the appointed people due to the leave of the Jupiter Leader Rolina. Ivan was appointed second in command for his ability to keep things well in check.  Four years ago his dad left him and his mom to themselves and was never seen since. AKA: abandonment. His mom also soon found out about his attractions to males and forced him out. Ivan was forced to live on the streets and steal food to survive. Nobody ever noticed him. It help him, but it also made Ivan feel a bit upset. he was treated like a shadow. One day it began to rain. It was such a hard rainfall that it hurt if you walked in it. Ivan had nowhere to go really and so he said out in the rain trying to keep himself warm. His psynergy wasn't fully in control so he couldn't alter the air around him properly. An Old woman walked by. She was wearing a coat that covered her from the rain completely. She had taken notice of Ivan and felt bad. She took of the coat she wore and gave it to Ivan, explaining it's properties. Ivan gave a thankful smile as she left.

about a year ago, the AE had fallen into a state of inactivity. Nothing was really happening so Ivan was not needed. He was told to not worry about the Empire and go wherever he wanted. He began to travel. He quickly learned how to hunt using his psynergy and survived the wilderness. He is now usually seen walking in a sulky manner whenever you see him. If you bother to notice that is.

[Current Location: Somewhere in Telluria]

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