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Issue 4 - February 15, 2016

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Tawny779 said:

you come for the Golden Sun. You stay for the crazy <3

Misery said:

Common sense is the most uncommon of the senses.


Dave: I'm becoming a doctor.
Dave: I like people
Dave: ...when they're unconscious

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You, a non-Adept, have a chance to become Master Hama's apprentice. For your final test, she will give you a Mythril Bag containing two pieces of parchment. Upon the use of Reveal, one parchment will show the word "yes", the other, "no". Any attempt to communicate with Hama or a failure to pull out the correct parchment on your first try will result in your immediate Permaban from Lama Temple (courtesy of a new Psynergy Hama has just learned). Pulling out the "yes" parchment without looking on your first try will make you her new apprentice, giving you a chance to become an Adept.

However, Ivan has other ideas. He's convinced you have ulterior motives for getting close to Hama, and isn't willing to risk "losing" his sister all over again. Just before you enter the chamber, Ivan informs you that he has switched out one of the parchments so that both read "no", and that you are doomed to fail the test and be a non-Adept for life.

How do you pass your final test?

First of all I would destroy Ivan for getting in my way. Secondly I will tell Hama that both will say no and pull both out at once to prove it. Then I would destroy her for getting in my way.
In this life I have lived...

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...I have not a single regret!


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Just a quick note regarding the number puzzle - the positioning of each digit within each 'slice' has to do with my Paint skills, and not with the puzzle itself. x)

View PostGalactaRay, on 13 August 2015 - 08:43 PM, said:

Fire is the silent hero

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He's convinced you have ulterior motives for getting close to Hama, and isn't willing to risk "losing" his sister all over again.

well um. Ivan has a surprise in store for him, because I did it to get close to him lol.

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