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Hinata, One Thread per Day Edition - "Let us speak the language of love~"

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Please enjoy watching the following music video.



    Melly-kins :3

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He has some, um, very particular fetishes... c.C

But that was hilarious.

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what's that asian technique of kissing

because i don't know nothing about it

nothing at all


wtf a seal

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"... but you can love completely without complete understanding." -Reverend Maclean, from "The River Runs Through It" (movie)

"grumble grumble stinkhead grumble grumble poop-for-snot grumble grumble dick" -Ryu Gaia

"Puhi gave the people food and made the seaweed farm."



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Language of drunkards
A dream that doesn't end is the dream of the butterfly.
The dream of the butterfly is the dream of the dead.
A dream that isn't woken from is death.
But once you wake up - the dream dies.


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View PostPatsy Dragon, on 17 March 2016 - 04:56 AM, said:

wtf a seal

In this life I have lived...

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...I have not a single regret!

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