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(RIP the Dischord, I'd use it myself if more people joined it)
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Oh, I don't think I'll have too much of an issue with that once I find the time, Wrrrtw. I need to start digging through some threads. Thanks for the link as well. As for the dedication...I may have to put that one off for right now.

Hey IO/Taav. Can't blame you - my replies blew up the size of the chat. Probably was not a good idea, lol. Yes! Well, I don't think I can officially say I'm a Tales fan because I haven't played enough of them, but I have played through Symphonia and Vesperia. As you may have guessed, Yuri is one of my favorite characters. I started Abyss, but unfortunately I was playing it at a friend's house. I had to move quite a distance away before I got to make much progress, but I'll finish it eventually. Of course, I see you're a fan too. Out of curiosity, which is your favorite?

(Wait, the discord? I think I may have heard of something like that before, but what is it and where do I find it?)

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I've dug up the permanent discord link from Patsy's profile; here it is: https://discord.gg/0n6yKut4MBbzI52M
It's basically a skype/teamspeak service, but with a focus on gaming communities and free to use.

If you've already played Symphonia and Vesperia (and part of Abyss), you're off to a pretty good start. A lot of the other games are a bit more obscure; with several of them never getting localized for the west. Not sure I really have an all time favorite at this point, but I definitely recommend Tales of Graces and Tales of Phantasia if you ever feel like diving deeper into the franchise.
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