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New Utility Psynergy?

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Suppose we got a GS4--what new utility psynergy would you like to see added?

This probably sounds like a corny rip-off of Pokémon, but I think some kind of Dive psynergy would be pretty cool. We could explore new underwater territories, emerge on secret shores... I imagine the Dive psynergy would have a move-space limit similar to Hover, since you'd have to come up for air at some point.

Your thoughts?

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To provoke an unreachable enemy (Djinn, or flying boss, maybe) into attacking:

Also, there are few utility Psynergies in the game that act on the caster, from what I recall. Given how helpful, yet simple, those could be, it seems logical that they should exist. Something like Jump (basically Force/Move directed at the ground), or Raise (conjure a hand that you can hop on, and have it lift you up). If our heroes had been able to jump like Saturos and Menardi did after the Boulder fight scene in the original game, just think of how much tedious walking and puzzle-solving time they could have saved themselves...

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We won't get a GS4 with how poorly GS3 did... it killed us...

That aside:

Mine: (Earth) pick any random spot and mine for items/ore with x% success rate. Ore changes depending on location. Limited to x times/24 hours to prevent abuse and use internal clocks (which is still possible to abuse...). Or, you can limit ore carried to x amount to make it more inconvenient to abuse.

Map: (Wind) Gain a temporary minimap of the current area. Disappears after x time or when x happens.

Surf/Float: (Water) Move across water in a single direction/Move across water freely.

Torch: (Fire) Illuminate areas.

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