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World 3, Event 1: Territory, Power Structure, Culture

- - - - - worldbuilding Draconis Golden Apocalypse post-apocalyptic

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This is the Draconian submission for World 3, Event 1.

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Destinus (lit. "place of destiny" in the language of Weyard's Ancients) is a small settlement of refugees from the Golden Apocalypse, located just off a small bay on the northwestern edge of the Weyardian supercontinent, south of the ruins of Prox. Its 82 residents are primarily Proxian refugees, along with Warpriests of Tiamat, dwarven survivors of Loho, and former residents of Horok, near Magma Rock.  

The terrain surrounding Destinus is flat, except for a mountain range to the northeast. The snow that covered the area nine months ago has been melted by the energy of the Golden Apocalypse, the explosion of Mars Lighthouse to the north, and finished off by Mars Adepts to make agricultural use of the land underneath. The area between Destinus and the ruins of Mars Lighthouse to the north are slowly turning to desert - the climate is not as cold as it was before the event, and snow falls not nearly as often in the area.

The forest to the east is gradually recovering from the effects of the Golden Apocalypse, and provides an abundance of dead timber for construction by the Proxians both of buildings and ships. The ships are under slow construction, and aim to eventually supplement the current food sources of hunting and the first, weak yields of the Horokan-tended farmland. The mountain range to the northeast is providing the Lohoans with the necessary materials to begin construction of defensive walls, and they are beginning excursions there to identify other raw materials suitable for mining.

Power Structure

High Warpriest > Warpriests > missionaries/warriors > common people

An official political or judicial system has yet to emerge in Destinus, but the settlement is led by the High Warpriest Rhamot, longtime leader of a group of combat-trained Proxian priests who serve the old deity Tiamat. As a prophet, he is the group's primary link to Tiamat, and is responsible for the coordination of various religious ceremonies, including ritual summons and sacrifices. The High Warpriest acts is the final authority on grave matters of justice.

He delegates responsibilities to the other ten Warpriests befitting their strengths, and they help maintain order and smooth operations of Destinus, including overseeing the recent start of expeditions of missionary-warriors, sent out to find useful artifacts, other survivors, and spread the word of Tiamat. The Warpriests also make sure, for the safety of all, that everyone falls in line with observing Tiamat as their protector. The Warpriests preside over lesser issues of justice.

The different classes are tightly-knit, and it is not uncommon for the common people to consult High Warpriest Rhamot to inquire of Tiamat's will on individual matters.

Culture & People
Destinus is composed of four main sub-cultures groups: that of the refugees from Prox, the Warpriests of Tiamat (Proxians themselves), the refugees from Loho, and refugees of Horok. The Warpriest sub-culture, gradually subsuming the Proxian one, is dominant in Destinus.

This culture is marked by a preference for the 'old ways', and the opinion that they are the chosen people of the old goddess Tiamat, as evidenced by the safety she has afforded her believers, as well as the distinguishing physical characteristics she has granted them. They believe they been purged of their past sins through the hardship of the Golden Apocalypse, and aim to spread the word of Tiamat and bring more people beneath her wings. The Warpriest culture sees the proliferation of draconic imagery throughout Destinus.

Population breakdown
There are 82 people living in Destinus.
By Adept type: 46 Mars, 14 Venus, 11 Mercury, 4 Jupiter, 7 Dual-Element
By background: 11 Warpriests, 33 other Proxians, 14 Lohoans, 24 Horokan

Prox, in the years leading up to the Golden Apocalypse, began worshiping the Wise One at the behest of Puelle, their leader. This increased tensions between the majority of Prox with the Warpriests of Tiamat, a group of Proxian combat-trained priests who worshiped the old deity Tiamat. They saw the worship of the Wise One, a Stone of Sages, formed from Alchemy and thus a creation of humankind, as idolatrous and dangerous. A week before the Golden Apocalypse, a giant monument to the Wise One sculpted from Psynergy stone was erected in the centre of Prox under Puelle's direction, and with this final, blasphemous straw, High Priest Rhamot led his group in a self-imposed exile from Prox.

As the final Lighthouse was being lit, Puelle was leading a communal prayer around the statue of the Wise One, praying to it for the safety and success of the adventurers who could save Prox from eroding away. As the energy from the Golden Apocalypse washed over Prox, the relatively fragile Psynergy monument to the Wise One shattered, sending shrapnel flying into the masses gathered around it, immediately decimating the entire city.

Puelle, who somehow emerged unscathed, led the surviving group of 33 Proxians slowly southward, away from the now-dangerous structures of Prox, even as Mars Lighthouse crumbled in the north. As floods washed in over the lands, Puelle led the Proxian refugees into the safety of the mountains, where they established Dawnbury.

The remaining eleven Warpriests of Tiamat, meanwhile, were camped in those same mountains. After the High Priest Rhamot received a prophecy from Tiamat, they'd taken refuge in a cave there prior to the Golden Apocalypse. While the Warpriests still suffered losses, they were not nearly as bad as those sustained by those who remained in Prox. Eventually, the Warpriests come across Dawnbury, and upon learning of what had happened in Prox, High Priest Rhamot blames Puelle's blasphemy for leading Proxians astray and for the resulting massive loss of life, and challenges him to trial by combat, no Djinn allowed.

During the duel, it became apparent to onlookers that both Puelle and the High Warpriest were drawing on reserves of Psynergetic power which they had not had before the Golden Apocalypse. But all were shocked when, as Puelle went to dodge a Fireball cast by the Rhamot, an icy spike shot into his skull, killing him instantly - the High Warpriest had accessed a second element. In the coming days, many would find similar augmentations to their powers, or even Psynergetic powers where none had existed before.

Faced with the results of their faith in the Wise One, while Tiamat had apparently granted relative safety and additional powers to her believers, most Proxians who had followed Puelle to Dawnbury quickly rallied behind High Warpriest Rhamot as their new leader, and once the coastline had stabilized from the flooding, he led them all down to a small bay on the northwestern edge of the continent and founded Destinus - a place where the old ways would show the path forward, under the guidance of Tiamat.

Loho had also been devastated by the event, and many dwarven lives were lost to collapsed walls, structures and mines. Without city defenses or easy access to resources with which to rebuild, the survivors, after marking the graves of their dead, collected what materials, weapons and armour they could and made north, hoping for the protection of Prox's military. Along the way, as their own new powers manifest, mostly in form of Venus and Mars Psynergy, but also in more lustrous beards, they come across the newly-founded Destinus, and are quickly accepted as they pitch in to earn their keep, primarily aiding in turning salvaged materials from nearby ruins into reforged tools, weapons and armour, searching for new sources of raw materials in the mountains to the northeast, and drawing on engineering backgrounds (as well as Venus Psynergy) to construct walls and direct Proxians in their construction of buildings. One dwarf in particular, Thragrim Steelbeard, possessing Venus Psynergy before the event, finds himself now able to command the element of fire as well, the combination of which he uses to great effect in his work. He is kept close by High Warpriest Rhamot.

Like all other settlements, Horok, a simple, small tribal agricultural village in the shadow of Magma Rock, was devastated by the Golden Apocalypse. As the Horokan fled east from the wastelands surrounding the elemental rock, their Alchemical powers began to show themselves. But in additional to the elemental powers gained by everyone else, they began to notice fearful physical manifestations as well - skin colours that would take on tinges similar to those of the elements whose powers were being realized. Having heard of both the green-skinned Proxians of the north and the priests of Tiamat who might be able to cure them, they turned and headed north, in hopes of finding survivors who could cure them of their mutation.

Stumbling across the settlement of Destinus, the timid Horokan found those they sought - the green-skinned, draconic Proxians and the Warpriests of Tiamat, who convinced the Horokan that, since they had undergone exceptional hardship, they had been exceptionally blessed by Tiamat, and that it was the will of Tiamat that the Horokan refugees join them. The Horokan now mainly contribute to Destinus as farmers, and look to the Proxians, especially the Warpriests, as guides into their future.

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