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sup wit it

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I'm Krevin
I was active for like a couple of hours, like 5 years ago. I'd be amazed if anybody actually remembers me lol
anyways, uh, hey all. I'm new or whatever


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Welcome back, Krevin! 42's not a bad post count for a couple of hours. x)

What kinds of things do you like to do with your spare time?

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Fire is the silent hero

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Between full time work and full time school, spare time isn't a big part of my life lol
That said, I spend a lot of my free time playing Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon, and I also frequent Dave's other forum, Fire Emblem Empire. I also drink a lot of coffee and beer - rarely at the same time.


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I remember you! How have you been Bro?
I am What? I forgot to change my name back from Shinnanigans

We met in Elemental Temple right?


[10:09:03 PM] Kiri: Gah, What?'s poor spelling is contagious!
[10:09:18 PM] Kiri: It is spreading throughout the lands of Draconis. Soon we shall have an epidemic on our hands.
[10:09:28 PM] CompleteZero: Worse than the banana plague too
[10:09:52 PM] CompleteZero: 'Notable Events'


[6:55:21 PM] Robert Joe: What?, you are not Jenna. You are supposed to eat the Stawberries, not people.







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Hey Krevin! Welcome back to the Refuge. :)

What do you study at school? I just completed my bachelor's degree in Chemistry. It's weird to think I'm done with that...

As you can see, business is a bit slow here on the forums these days, but feel free to join our GSAR Discord (link on the homepage), where we engage in all kinds of random conversations. Hope to see you around!

Tawny779 said:

you come for the Golden Sun. You stay for the crazy <3

Misery said:

Common sense is the most uncommon of the senses.


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Dave: I like people
Dave: ...when they're unconscious

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