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Golden Sun Northen Clan Aid

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Hello everyone. Back in 2014 I made a game, my first ever game which happened to be a Golden Sun Mod. It's funny how everything I've done and been doing today is thanks to those countless days of messing with Golden Sun and being disappointed about the original outcome of the game.
You can see the game here: https://www.andrisiv...om/games/gsnca/

All I can add to this is that really it has a bad grammar quality but it was the self-taught English of me back in 2014 and now is what... 2017 right? The poor grammar... I kinda don't want to fix it due to historic value of it.

But enough talk, enjoy the game where you play as proxians and have fun!!!

[NOTE: This is an IPS patch, to play the game you'll need a vanilla Golden Sun The Lost Age ROM file and a tool called Lunar lips]


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Downloaded, and looking forward to playing when I get some free time!

EDIT: I realize a thread like this doesn't fit perfectly into any of the subforum descriptions we currently have, but I think it fits a bit better under Golden Sun than it does in Community Projects, so I'm moving it there.

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