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Heph Carlyle, bio

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'Lo, peeps. Well, after several months of lurking I've finally decided to emerge from isolation and instead bless all of you with how terrible of an RPer I am. I'll most probably shred the correct formatting but I'll give it my best- A phrase which to many, must be terrifying.
I think I've gotten the grips with the rules, however, I've taken the liberty of heavily customising Psynergy, mainly Utility and low-power ones. If it turns out custom Utility Psynergy is off the table, I'll gladly discard what I've added.
(Edit: I had some problems with the copy&paste script so er, apologies if anything/everything seems messy)

Heph Carlyle

Race: Talkind
Subrace: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Appearance: See image

Posted ImageElement: Venus
Fundament: Sol

Innate Role: Protector
Sub Role: Striker
Inept Role: Controller
Training: Warrior

Proficiencies: Spear, Sword, Hammer, Blades
Fighting Style: Defensive, calculated, punishing towards mistakes. When angered, she focuses on inflicting pain, and intentionally instilling fear.
Level of Experience: Expert
Class: Warsmith


Shard, Crystal Shard, Jewel Shard (Basic, Base)
Earthrend, Ferro, Titan's Blades (Focused, Might)
Anhedral, Euhedral, Subhedral (Advanced, Zone)
Shields Up, Bastion (Counter, Cover)
Psybleed, Nullfield Blade, Astral Rend (Enchant, Channel, Psynergy Damage)

Rip, Tear, Shred (Shield, Aspect, Reflect)
Soma, Axom, Synapse (Shield, Effect Field, Psynergy Damage)
Cure, Cure Well, Potent Cure (Focused, Healing)
Vivify, Revive (Cleansing, Revival)
Move (Utility, Kinetic)
Lift (Utility, Kinetic)
Shape (Utility, Aspect, Venus) "An ancient form of Psynergy used by Cairn shamans and architects, Shape causes small rocks, gravel and sand to shift and sculpt itself into the shape the Adept wishes to form. It can be used on loose debris or solid stone, but the Psynergy's reduced power limits this to a couple of cubic meters at most. Legends tell that extremely powerful Adepts can cause solid metal to warp to the caster's whims, but Heph has yet to see such a feat."
Mend (Utility, Aspect, Venus) "Commonly known as Dôbar in the Dwarven tongue, this material-warping Psynergy repairs small dents, cuts and fractures in metals, stone and fabrics- Allowing simple repair work to be done almost instantaneously to save time in the forges."

Character Stats:


Skills and Abilities:

Steel-Shaper: Trained in the arts of blacksmithing, Heph boasts considerable skill in all manners of metalwork and tinkering, capable of even employing Psynergy in her crafts, having been tutored by Dwarves and wandering, renowned craftsmen. Heph can manufacture a wide variety of equipment given the time, resources and tools; Heph is also savvy enough to identify an item's origin if it would be made by a smith, as every culture and region has their own touches and flairs in their crafts.
Void-Scarred Soul: Heph's curse runs deep, having almost completely drained her of magic when it was at its strongest. But it isn't without its marginal benefit, although Heph would be reluctant to see a positive side to things. She does not suffer the physical effects of being low or drained of Psynergy Points, although she is still unable to cast Psynergy or otherwise perform any action that would require such when she is low. As such, it's harder for her to tell when she's low on energy reserves. In addition, Heph has a natural affinity towards Psynergy-damaging techniques, as she has a strange form of 'harmonisation' with null-energy.
Ironblood Seal: In the forms of both an official letter and a tattoo on her forearm, Heph has been granted a Title of Superior Craftsdwarfship by the Ironblood Guilde, a clan of industrious thaumaturges and blacksmiths in the northern Datan Peaks. Any Dwarf worth their salt would begrudgingly respect the title, but amongst other societies it is probably less known. However- Heph is sure to find work or at least a mug of ale within any form of metalworking, geology, gemmology or tinkerer's guild.
Psy-tech Tinkerer: Although by no means an expert, Heph has an inkling on Dwarven technomancy and Psynergy devices. She is able to identify the rough purpose and materials of most Alchemical devices and tools, and quite possibly create simple devices. Or at least theorise them, as most inventor is prone to do.
Cynic's Sense: As tough as it is to believe, always being untrusting, critical and doubting of anything said to her does have its benefits. Heph is difficult to persuade and even more difficult to deceive, and is capable of picking up ulterior angles and motives where others would trust.
You Fail To Impress: Tough, bitter and marred with the weight of many dark memories, Heph remains implacable in the face of fear. She is highly resistant to intimidation tactics, and can remain cool and calm under stress. Her mind is that of solid steel, and empty words will not pierce it.
Make My Day: Strike Heph, and she'll only hit back harder. Her toughness will shrug off the worst of blows, and pain only stokes the embers of her fury. If Heph immediately performs an offensive action after taking damage, her anger empowers her strikes and punishes foes, either amplifying her force or adding a tactical edge to her assault, such as fear or momentary stun.

Moral Alignment: -60/-25 Individual Freedom
Social Alignment: +40/-30 Comfortable Common
Character Ideal: Freedom of movement. Anyone and everyone should have the right and the ability to move towards greener pastures, so long that they provide their skills and don't disrupt the peace. Feudal and slavery conditions are backwards, as they disrupt and subjugate those of free will.
Character Bonds: Her own resilience and willpower; the quiet hope of mentoring others to look before they leap, lest they end up like her.
Character Flaw: Cold, untrusting bitterness and reluctance to warm up to people; bias and closed-minded attitude towards those against her moral compass.

Character Personality: Caught in the backlash of having her younger ideals and beliefs burned and stripped away, Heph is a confused, but stubbornly durable soul. Wounds have been sealed over with a quiet, reserved cynicism, adopting a nihilistic view of life. She prefers to keep her interactions with others curt and brief, aware of how unfriendly she is.
As she's innately aloof, it's difficult to get a rise out of her on most occasions. However- Certain topics and actions can get under her skin, and once they do, it becomes pointedly apparent that the fire within her is not so dormant as initially believed.

Character Bio:

A promising warrior and mystic user, Heph grew up in the sleepy village of Silverside, nestled within a large valley full of grassland and lakes. Although small in size, Silverside enjoyed the passage of travellers and adventurers seeking renown within the nearby mountains, making the village a comfortable place to pawn off goods and sleep through the night, attracting all sorts of figures and peddlers. Heph, caught up in the romanticism of adventure and heroics, bugged the militia and whined at the hunters until she received martial training out of sheer stubbornness- The discovery of her strong affinity towards earth and crystal-based Psynergy the begrudging tipping point as it was clear that she had a knack for her would-be vocation regardless.

Most of her adolescence was spent training and spending time with her mother, Alissa, who was a jeweller that infected Heph with her interest in gemstones and precious stones. She learned how to differentiate all sorts of gems, and even picked up a rough skill in metalworking, although she was much more interested in her martial practices. Her father, although warm to her as well, didn't approve of Heph's grand visions of her future, quietly suggesting to her that she stays within the region as a military captain or huntress instead, close to home, but without being stifled. However- The young are hard to dissuade, and in time through meeting fellow Adepts on their respective journeys, eventually departed her home village at 21 to see the world, and strike a name for herself.

Through a mixture of her hometown sage's knowledge, first-hand experience with learned adepts and a healthy dose of autodidactism, Heph boasted a considerable font of power and finesse in using Psynergy, bolstering her own body as she trained until she deemed herself fit to venture towards more dangerous lands. She spent a couple of years simply travelling, taking the odd contract and bounty to clear wild creatures and maybe even the odd bandit- Until one particularly unusual job offering caught her eye, near the port city of Armspoint, one Spring's morning.
There had been rumours and whispers of a strange figure roaming the hills nearby at night, reportedly abducting townsfolk and disrupting the local Psynergy field. The cause pinned to be a rogue Adept- Heph signed up as part as an investigative group to track down and take out whoever or whatever was disturbing the peace, banding together with 3 warriors, young, essentially sellswords with nothing more than cantrips and tricks to them- Ylia, Markus and Sorjun, and a more studied, powerful Adept of the Maelstrom caste that dominates winds, Elise.

What happened during that day is not something she's keen on speaking about, but it's apparent that the aftereffects have their claws deep within her flesh still.

After her recovery of what she'd give the name as her Branding, her life took a very different path to what she had aspired to do with eyes full of fire and naiveté. She returned to her mother's traditions and honed her skill in jewellery, until she realised that the call of the hammer and anvil was just as, if not more inviting. She had a knack for the trade, and eventually decided to immerse herself fully in a region where blacksmithing and geology were just as fundamental in society as its own culture- The Dwarvern kingdoms.
Datan Peaks, renowned for its guild of metalworkers, was also oddly welcome to outsiders, providing all manner of individuals the chance to hone their craft in the iron-wrought cities. Not only acquiring her Ironblood Seal, Heph also picked up a few Dwarvern Psynergy tricks and old cantrips, allowing her enervated power to flew its metaphorical fingers for the first time in years.
Once she was satisfied, she set off from the city to- As she once did, wander. She lacked a clear, striking purpose, but she knew that she still had enough fire in her to keep wandering for a few years more, to master her handiwork and breathe some life into her system.

13 years after she had first set out, Heph now travels alone, prickly, jaded and cynical- But tougher than the steel on her back. She has no ultimate vengeance to enact, no melodramatic adventure to retrieve her loved one from the clutches of deepest, darkest evil. The only foe she faces is the chore of appeasing her vital functions and do something meaningful with her time.But she knows deep down within her, there are a couple of loose ends to tie up, although finding leads is going to take some field work.

Most Important Event: When once she stood tall, practically radiating energy and power- Something caused her to crash, along with some of her original ideals and values that she once thought immutable. Her Branding, whatever that may be, has more depth to it than just the burn-like wound around her left eye.

Character's Family:

Alissa Carlyle (Mother, Deceased)
Tobias Sinclaire (Father, Deceased)

Does this character have any rivals? If so, who?

It is no secret that Heph's curt, abrasive attitude doesn't make her the most charismatic of individuals- Unless you're a Dwarf that is, who would admire a pragmatic demeanour like such- So it's inevitable that she sorely lacks in friends, and has probably been the cause of a grumbly day for an extortionate merchant or overly-enthusiastic priest. However, Heph's nomadic, isolated lifestyle means that she has the advantage of not having to parley with any disgruntled townsfolk as she'll resolve the issue entirely by leaving soon enough. Were anyone to harbour any resent for her, it'd be someone in Silverside. But why should she care? It's been years since she's even set foot in its boundaries.

Does this character have any enemies? If so, who?

To her knowledge- All of her grievances have been met with the sharp end of a blade. Now all that's left are her own thoughts, shaking their chains in the quiet of the night.

If the character is part of an organization, does it have any enemies? If so, who?

The Ironblood Guilde, although amicable towards its peers and fellow industrial guilds, has its own splinters of envious smaller organisations and budding entrepreneurs. Nothing that would incur a conflict barring the positively civil (in Dwarvern culture) discussion of disagreements in the form of a drunken tavern fight, but to Heph's understanding nobody would resent the guild or its representatives. There's always rumour about dubious sources of materials- But what's a rumour-stirrer to do when out of truths to share?
"Hey Red. We're not going to get away with this, are we?"

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