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LongGoneWriter's D&D Game Interest/Signup Thread

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Feats are optional in the sense where you can take one instead of an ability score improvement when you get to certain levels (4 being the first, so you can get a feat rather early on).

My personal favorite is 'Lucky' because I always tend to get bad rolls with physical dice



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If I'm honest- This'll be the first game I've played in which you *couldn't* get feats, hah.
But yeah, certain ones like Lucky and Elven Accuracy are disgustingly powerful on the right builds.
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/late, but I finally whipped up my character! Also complete with stolen artwork.

Name: Häna Carlyle
Class & Level: Warlock of the Hexblade Patron, level 3
Age: 23
Background: (Unknown)
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Häna stands tall as a half-elf swordswoman of 23 years of age, built with a broad frame that’s kept in good shape despite alcohol’s best efforts. Her hair falls loosely to her neck in a snow-white cascade, braided in an intertwined knot on her left side, with various strands of hair always refusing to stay in order. Her fair skin contrasts her platinum hair and the large jet-black tattoos that cover her right arm and shoulder in circular patterns and swirls, somewhat resembling a starchart of sorts. Her sharp eyes glow a mix of green and murky grey, always somewhat marked with bags from restless sleep. Her face is rounded yet thin, her features lightly prominent, covered in smooth and freckled skin that’s interrupted by very faint, razor-thin scars dotted around her left cheek in short lines. She almost exclusively wears an expression of sleepy apathy, capable of keeping a deadpan face throughout the vast majority of her sass, as you’d quickly learn just by having one conversation with her.
Weapons of choice: Two-handed blades, but she shows efficiency with just about anything.

Posted Image

Diety: Amaunator

STR: 11
DEX: 14
CON: 15
INT: 12
WIS: 15
CHA: 18

Personality Traits:
Cold and cagey, she'll be reluctant to open up on the best of days.
Snarky and sarcastic, she's not afraid to poke at anything, regardless of what it may be.
Straightforwards and honest- Sometimes to a fault.
Nobody lives without consequences to their actions- Be them positive or negative. The past has a way of catching up to you.
What is right is rarely the pretty option- Regardless, it's no excuse to shy away from it.
Through the social storms of greed, nepotism and bias- My own sense of equity will not err.
Those denied vengeance burn in their anger. I would know.
Etiquette be damned. If I have a point to prove, I'll be as blunt as I need to be.
I'll sooner lose both arms than let a grievance lie forgotten- Or unpunished, for that matter.
One way or another, I'm proving that the bastard's place is beneath the soil.
I wouldn't even know where to begin- But I'm doing whatever it takes to make things right for Eliza.

Bio: What little information there is of Häna could be taken with a grain of salt at its most truthful- But what is known paints an interesting picture indeed.
A promising swordswoman and magic user,
Häna grew up in the tranquil Dalelands with her family, who remain currently unnamed, until roughly a year ago, in which she was tried for the murder of her brother.
Although these sort of crimes would normally warrant immediate and clear actions- There was something...Off, about the whole ordeal, and the representatives of the Church of Sune who had been in charge of the investigation have remained strangely silent, almost nothing being disclosed to the public.
Despite the highly vague nature of the details- The Church eventually agreed to modify Häna's sentence, so that she was exiled from the Dalelands and entrusted to various Church members to see to it that she assists in their work and generally 'works off' her crime through good deeds and help. However- The reason why
Häna would consent to such an arrangement that strays from her interests, and away from the Dalelands, begs question.

But what's most curious is that her current guardian seems to be rather familiar indeed...

Additional info: Although many have tried questioning her, her iron-cutting gaze and clear lack of intention of disclosing any information about the nature or reason behind the murder (She even refuses to acknowledge her brother's name.) means that only a select few would know what transpired. Rumour holds that Eliza, an old friend of hers, is the only person she'd open up to. But even then, Häna's family swiftly drew a curtain on the nature of this woman.
So now, so far away from home, Häna would be the sole possessor of the full story amidst these lands.

Allies: Eliza- childhood friend. 'Greyhound'- Military instructor, former mercenary.
"Hey Red. We're not going to get away with this, are we?"



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Name: Garrett Rowanstar
Class and Level: Swashbuckler Rogue, Level 3
Age: 30
Background: Hillsfar Merchant
Race: Wood Elf
Appearance: 5'10, white short hair, green eyes, bronze skin. Clothing is very similar to the below picture, with a dark green cape instead of blue(silver on the inside), The feather is red and a touch shorter, the pants are brown, and the leather armor he wears is brown and green with silver embroidery.
Posted Image
(Sorry for image size, I couldn't find a spoiler option >.<)

Weapons:{/b] Primarily his trusty rapier, with a shortbow for backup.

Deity Lady Tymora



Personality Traits

I fill my evenings with wine or mead and song.

I leave broken hearts all around the Moonsea and up and down the Sword Coast.


Sharp: I seek to make the best deal possible. (Any)

Charitable: I give generously to others. (Good)


Deals are sacrosanct. I never go back on my word.

I love making deals and negotiating agreements.


I am overconfident. I overestimate my abilities.

I am a braggart. I promote myself shamelessly.

Interests: Fighting, Drinking, Flirting, Thrill, Money, Negotiating


Garrett was born to the wealthy Merchant family of Rowanstar in Hillsfar. Raised in relative luxury, Garrett learned many of the skills expected of a well born gentleman. While he enjoyed the intrigue and politics of wealthy society, he grew bored with the lack fo excitement. After training his skills to include the art of combat, he declared himself ready to face the world. With the blessing of his father, he left to seek his fortune out in the world.

Garrett travels to Waterdeep in search of adventure, glory and fun. He is just as likely to be found in an inn with a flagon and a local beauty as he is locked in intense duels and skirmishes. Garrett lives for the danger, always seeking to grow stronger and claim glory and fame. Being of merchant stock, he also cannot resist taking advantages of opportunities that present themselves, and enjoys the art of a good deal.

Travelling with Garrett along his journeys is his Servant Ashwood Ember. Ashwood(or Ash for short) is a calm, mild mannered human gentleman in his late fifties. Having helped raise Garrett, he feels responsible for the young man's well being. When Garrett announced his intent for adventure, his father asked Ash to keep an eye on Garrett with the offer of continued pay, to which Ash happily agreed. While Ash does not follow Garrett into battle, he does help take care of a number of factors outside of combat. When the two reach a new town, once Garrett has haggled with the shopkeep long enough, Ash gathers the supplies and collects his armor and weapons after repairs. He also sends messages back home, and chronicles Garrett's exploits (and foibles). He also serves as a mentor and confidant to Garrett. For his part, Ash is a kind, calm, and easy going man, He takes Garrett's antics in stride and provides solid advice when necessary.

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