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"You have lived in a beautiful place for many years, but you know that tomorrow it will end forever.

You wake up in the center of the Refuge. It is the early morning. Dew clings to the green. Birds hop around you, oblivious to the oncoming fall. You see the people gathering for their Jonday morning service at the Great Hall. They don't know.

What do you do?"

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"... but you can love completely without complete understanding." -Reverend Maclean, from "The River Runs Through It" (movie)

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As a horrible ghost monster, I spend my time knocking over things in the great hall, but only when people aren't looking, or when they are but when they don't know i'm there.

Sometimes I'll moan or groan at people in dark rooms when they are alone, bang on the pipes of the bathroom, or do other creepy things.

The general idea is to make people feel uneasy.  People need to feel uneasy on Jonday, it's their fault for having a day of worship like this.  What has Jon done for them anyway,  I mean it's not like he's going to stop the WRRRMAGEDDON.

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I prop myself against a grassy slope, and enjoy the early-morning peace - small creatures vocalizing as they go about their untroubled lives in these relaxed surroundings. Distant conversations float over the breeze from the service-goers. I imagine most of them will still be here, after it happens. But where will we be? What comes next for all of this? A light mist from a distant, unseen waterfall brushes my skin as I settle back down to take in the scenery.

View PostGalactaRay, on 13 August 2015 - 08:43 PM, said:

Fire is the silent hero

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Burn it all just like old times.

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I'm butt-naked, and I'm quickly forming a puddle on the carpet.
Never forget.

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