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The finality of the WRRRYARD assault.

#poorly written fanfiction

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Our several-speared assault against the mortal encampments on our dead lands has gone nearly entirely without flaw.  The nations of Aeolia, Draconis, Telluria, and Samudra have all but fallen to our mighty undead battalions.

Upon Draconis, We sewed deceit and paranoia among their highest ranks with possessive wraiths who embodied high-level officials and acted in poor judgement.  Practically everyone in that nation feared that another had a dagger to their backs, and that only helped the MDGA (Make Draconia Great Campaign) flourish.

With their organization crippled, and with their governing officials naught without an inhabiting wraith, we have turned that once great nation's war machine on it's commoners.

There is no Draconis anymore.

Within Telluria, we called upon the dead of their catacombs. The Tellurians ever foresaw the army underneath their feet, nor feared how my hoard's bites would turn their own countrymen into my unwitting foot soliders.

The living were forced to attempt to dispatch their late loved-ones, but to no avail.  Not even their great ostrich cavalrymen were immune to the all consuming tide of my influence.  The only bastion for the nation lies within it's capital's castle walls. Soon their elites will  join me too.  I find great pleasure in the irony of their most avaricious atrophying to starvation.

Telluria is rotting to the bone.

Among Aeolians, we sent unholy Grimoires.  Tomes of tempting knowledge and untold evils.  As their sages studied and experimented, plagues and demons began to ravage their lands... and the more the Aeolian scholars discovered... the tighter my grip upon them became.

Where there was once a curious and academic alumnus leading this nation, now lies a cabal of liches, further consuming their people to further strengthen their phylacteries.  Once vast airy plains are decrepit clouds of miasma.

Aeolia reaks of death

Offshore of Samurda, we positioned countless skeleton armies. We took their ports, and raided their ships. Those at sea lost their lives to the maelstrom.  Those inland felt the brunt of our blockade, not even able to fish in the unoccupied zones due to the death in the water destroying fish supplies.

However Samudra surprised me with a tactic most vile.  My forces alerted me to an unnatural and immoral creature developed by the Samudran alchemists to combat our armies.

Critical Response Armored Battle Spiders (CRABS, for short) litter the shores and waters surrounding the nation.  I needn't restate how I feel about spiders or those who associate with them.  And although my skeleton generals assure me that these vile CRABS are of no concern to our efforts... I cannot be one to risk the involvement of spiders in this great crusade of mine.

And as such, our war has concluded, my agents removed from combat, and the lands returned to what's left of the living.

You and those eight legged little monsters can have your infested lands.

We should all hope and look towards the day where man realizes that the sounds exiting his mouth are mostly complaints and a change occurs. -Chivelle


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