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Draconis has Delcared a Trade War

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We are Making Draconis Great Again!

For too long we let Draconis be raped by a massive trade deficit. Banning our bananas, sending their worst adepts to our nation.

We are now imposing a 80% tariff on all Tellurian goods and we are going to build a wall on the Samudran boarder. Believe me it is going to be a beautiful wall. One that will go very high and be long. Best part is, they are going to pay for it!  We are not going let Draconis be taken advantage of.

We are also recognizing the annexation of the cape in the Tellurian peninsula by Aeolia. The people voted and one day decided to be a part of Aeolia with a 100% vote with the highest voter turnout ever in history. I spoke with the King and he is a very good and honest man. So we are getting rid of the sanctions.



[10:09:03 PM] Kiri: Gah, What?'s poor spelling is contagious!
[10:09:18 PM] Kiri: It is spreading throughout the lands of Draconis. Soon we shall have an epidemic on our hands.
[10:09:28 PM] CompleteZero: Worse than the banana plague too
[10:09:52 PM] CompleteZero: 'Notable Events'


[6:55:21 PM] Robert Joe: What?, you are not Jenna. You are supposed to eat the Stawberries, not people.






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*shuffles around some briefing papers and then with a finger, deliberately pushes them off the podium to the floor*

My people tell me that Draconis will always be a nation we can be proud of. But I was told recently - by a very good friend of mine - that it won't be 'always'. He just said that in a month or two, our world will no longer be around. I don't see any reason why it would be.

In these final hours, it's all the more important to put Draconis first. Years from now, people should look back and say, "Wow. Wow."

A nation 'we can be proud of' isn't enough; we need to be great, like we used to be. Samudrans are damaging our country. Water and fire, they don't mix. That is a scientific fact - Samudrans are dangerous people. Many of them criminals, by the way. There will be no more Samudrans here once they build that wall - those ninjas will get it done in no time, and they'll pay for it all with pirate booty.

Tellurians have been leeching off Draconis for far too long, thanks to weak economic polices set in place by our opposition. Parasite plants, is what those Tellurians are. There are plenty of raw materials in Telluria to support them, but they come here and take ours, because we've been giving them away at a fraction of their value. No more. These tariffs will force Telluria to stand on its own roots, and drain Taopo Swamp. Plenty of raw materials there. We'll even send them one of our engineers to help - billing them at an appropriate rate, of course. We have the best swamp engineers.

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