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GS Pronunciations, part 1

11 June 2017 - 10:59 PM

How do you pronounce these names that come up in Golden Sun? I realize this might be tough to do without audio, but I've done my best with the text, haha. Syllables in capital letters are stressed/emphatic. If what I've typed doesn't make sense to you, or the way you pronounce something doesn't appear, feel free to type out how you pronounce them. x)

GSUN Discord and future plans

09 May 2017 - 02:36 AM

We are pleased to announce the unveiling of the GSUN Discord, a mixing pot where members of all the GSUN sites can chat with each other, and help us communicate between sites about different events and activities!

As far as those events and activities go, the staff of the GSUN sites are currently thinking about moving away from the huge quarterly mixer idea, towards more frequent, single events open to all and hosted across the various sites, with the primary goal to better suit members' busy lives. Anyone with feedback on that is welcome to leave it here.

I'd like to announce such an event, Golden Sun Against Humanity this Friday at 10pm EST, when everyone is invited to check out Discord to join us for some classic Cards Against Humanity, spiced up with custom cards related to the game and our community!

What do you name the protagonists?

28 March 2017 - 06:10 AM

I usually only ever rename the main, silent protagonist. Isaac standardly becomes Ace; Felix generally stays Felix. Matthew becomes Ignatius, or sometimes remains Matthew.

March Madness Predictions Contest

20 March 2017 - 11:19 AM

With two rounds gone by in NCAA's March Madness basketball tournament, the final sixteen teams have been decided. I think it might be fun to have a predictions contest for the remainder of the tournament. Whether you want to spend a minute and pick winners based on name, area of the country, uniform colours or rankings, or spend more time doing research before you make your picks is up to you! Personally, I'm mostly in the former category, heh.

Participants can access this Google Sheets collaborative document and fill out an unused sheet (tabs are at the bottom) with their picks, starting with the eight teams to move on to the next round. Picks should be finalized by 6pm EST on March 23rd – the sheet will be locked to view-only after that, as the first game of the next round starts an hour later!

Each participant will receive 2 Clan Points, and the overall winner will earn an extra 5 Clan Points and some bad artwork of themselves playing basketball. In addition, I personally challenge all participants to beat my final score – any who do will be paid out 500 coins from my stash! But if I beat you, you must agree to send me 50 coins. xD Those who accept my challenge should say so in this thread. Participants are welcome to use this thread to make other side bets with each other throughout the tournament as well.

Scoring will be as follows:

1 point per correct pick to advance to Elite Eight
2 points per correct pick to advance to Final Four
3 4 points per correct pick to advance to the championship game
4 8 points for the correct pick of tournament champion
1.5x multiplier to any of the above points for correctly picking a lower seed to beat a higher one

Good luck, and have fun!

Final Results:
Sweet Sixteen
Oregon 69 > Michigan 68 (1 point to everyone)
Gonzaga 61 > W. Virginia 58 (1 point to everyone)
Kansas 98 > Purdue 66 (1 point to everyone)
Xavier 73 > Arizona 71 (1.5 points to Kiri)
Florida 84 > Wisconsin 83 (OT) (1 point to Patsy and Ig)
S. Carolina 70 > Baylor 50 (1.5 points to Patsy and Ig)
Kentucky 86 > UCLA 75 (1 point to Kiri)
UNC 92 > Butler 80 (1 point to everyone)

Elite Eight
Gonzaga 83 > Xavier 59 (2 points to Kiri and Patsy)
Oregon 74 > Kansas 60 (3 points to Patsy)
S. Carolina 77 > Florida 70 (no points for anyone)
UNC 75 > Kentucky 73 (2 points to Ig, Patsy and Umbra)

Final Four
Gonzaga 77 > S. Carolina 73 (4 points to Patsy)
UNC 77 > Oregon 76 (4 points to Umbra)

UNC 71 > Gonzaga 65 (8 points to Umbra)

Final Standings:
1st - Umbra_Clan - 18
2nd - Patsy Dragon - 17.5
3rd - Ignatius - 8.5 (tie broken with championship score prediction)
4th - Kirigishi - 8.5

Pizza on pineapple?

16 March 2017 - 12:32 AM

Everybody loves pineapple, but what do you put on it?