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What are your winter holiday plans?

03 December 2017 - 04:15 AM

Hey everyone! Things have been kinda dead here recently, and I feel I could use updates on what's been going on with most of you. So let's start with how you plan to spend your time over your winter break? Will you be celebrating anything, and if so, how? Who will you be with?

[Results] GSAR Member Awards 2017

07 August 2017 - 04:38 AM

The votes are in! It's time to recognize a new group of members who have helped shape our community over the past year into the place we all know and love. Without further ado, let’s announce the results of the 2017 GSAR Member Awards!

*drum roll*

First, the winner of this year’s Clan Spirit Award is…Jigoku-Rei! For his "consistent contributions to Draconian worldbuilding," and always being around to "praise the sun and stuff"
  • Honorable mentions: Umbra_Clan, Tawny779, Antibody.11
Next, the Friendliness Award goes to...Kirigishi! For "contributing to a welcoming atmosphere and making efforts to keep up with members' lives despite a busy one of her own."
  • Honorable mentions: Zack, Patsy Dragon
The inaugural Support Award goes to…PenguinaLuna! "For making herself available to listen to a fellow member when no one else does," and for "actively helping members to find a solution to their issues."
  • Honorable mentions: Patsy Dragon, What?
The prestigious Lurker Award is presented to…Merc! Lurky Murky "always seems to magically know when you want him."
  • Honorable mentions: Misery, Tawny779, Lightseer, Umbra
This year's Vidya Gamer Award was a close contest. Barely edging the other nominee is…Tawny779! He talks "a lot about games", and once described himself as "feeling 'giddy' about an upcoming release."
  • Honorable mention: Umbra_Clan
The first-ever Comedy Award is awarded to...Umbra_Clan! He has "a lot of great one-liners", and gets "major props for putting together the GS card pack in CAH."
  • Honorable mentions:  Wrrrtw, What?, Jigoku-Rei, Misery, Ryu Gaia
The winner of this year’s Creativity Award is…Lord Wolfram! For his "courageous efforts to put out interesting content."
  • Honorable mentions: Kirigishi, Ivan Strider, Ignatius
The winner of this year’s No Apparent Reason Award is…What?! For "well, if we gave it a reason, then this award would be null and void."
  • Honorable mentions: Insignificant Organism, Jigoku-Rei, Lunaryon, GalactaRay, Merc
Congratulations to all Member Award recipients! Medals will be distributed soon. Thank you to everyone who voted (your Clan Points are on the way), and thank you to all members for being themselves! Whether you received an award or not, you are a part of what makes our community what it is, and very much appreciated.

See you next year!

[5th Anniversary] Djinn Hunt

01 August 2017 - 08:07 PM

Calling all Djinn hunters! Seven Djinn of each type have snuck into the forum, looking for strong travelers to help reunite them with their friends. They are drawn towards clues of recent human activity, so you can find them in the most recent posts (made by anyone, images edited in by admins) of threads active within the past three months. These Djinn want to be found, and so are clearly visible, and can be 'captured' by the first person to find them and post (on-topic) in a thread after they appear. The member with the greatest number of Djinn at the end of the Anniversary event will be awarded a Djinn-hunting medal and points for their clan!

Posted Image

Djinn captured:
Char - 1 ([5th Anniversary] - Djinn Hunt)

[Voting] GSAR Member Awards 2017

29 July 2017 - 05:08 AM

The Member Awards are back! It's time to show our appreciation for our fellow members and the contributions they've made to our community in this past year.

You may submit up to two votes per category, via PM to me. Feel free to elaborate with comments, some of which may be shared when the winners are unveiled. Past winners are eligible to win again this year.

Each member who votes will earn 2 Clan Points. The voting deadline is Saturday, Aug. 5th at 11:59pm. The results will be unveiled the next day!

  • Clan Spirit Award: This award goes to a member who has demonstrated continued passion and commitment towards their Clan (or towards the Clanless!)
  • Friendliness Award: This award goes to a member who has contributed extensively to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Refuge.
  • Support Award: This award goes to a member who goes above and beyond in supporting fellow members through life's trials.
  • Lurker Award: This award goes to a member who has mastered the art of hiding stealthily in the shadows.
  • Vidya Gamer Award: This award goes to a member who exhibits skill and passion for video games.
  • Comedy Award: This award goes to a member who consistently tickles our minds with their brand of humour.
  • Creativity Award: This award goes to a member who encapsulates the spirit of creativity in their threads, ideas, writing and/or art.
  • No Apparent Reason Award: This award goes to a member we all know and love…though for no apparent reason. They're just cool like that.
Note: You may vote for a member in several categories if you wish, but if a member places first in more than one category, some awards will be given to runner-ups.

GS Pronunciations, part 1

11 June 2017 - 10:59 PM

How do you pronounce these names that come up in Golden Sun? I realize this might be tough to do without audio, but I've done my best with the text, haha. Syllables in capital letters are stressed/emphatic. If what I've typed doesn't make sense to you, or the way you pronounce something doesn't appear, feel free to type out how you pronounce them. x)