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Golden Sunrise Awards 2016

31 December 2016 - 06:14 PM

It's that time of year again! Your votes have been cast and tallied, and we have the results! And to help GSAR bring in the new year, the Awards are being hosted over here this year! Huzzah! We don't actually have the Award Art Images, but those will be sent to the winners as they are finished.

We have 16 Awards;

Posted Image Isaac Award - Best Veteran 2016. Miva
Posted Image Garet Award - Funniest Member 2016. Saucy Goblin
Posted Image Ivan Award - Most Intelligent Member 2016. Miva
Posted Image Mia Award - Most Helpful Member 2016. Shadowfyst997

Posted Image Felix Award - Best Title 2016. Tich Showers
Posted Image Jenna Award - Best Username 2016. Tiamajaybird
Posted Image Sheba Award - Best Avatar and Signature 2016. Neshi
Posted Image Piers Award - Most Productive Member 2016. WitchRolina

Posted Image Matthew Award - Best Roleplayer 2016. Nedben
Posted Image Tyrell Award - Best Gamer 2016. Saucy Goblin
Posted Image Karis Award - Forum Cutie Member 2016. Safe Haven
Posted Image Rief Award - Best Debater 2016. Miva

Posted Image Himi Award - Most Normal Member 2016. Delfes
Posted Image Eoleo Award - Forum Tough Guy 2016. Catman
Posted Image Sveta Award - Best Newbie 2016. Safe Haven
Posted Image Amiti Award - Most Creative Member 2016. Neshi

The awards will be posted one at a time to give members a chance to come in and say something when they win. Updates will be posted on Sunrise and in the Discord to make sure everyone is aware. That Being said, Enjoy the Awards, congratulations to the Winners, and Happy New Years!

The Isaac Award goes to...*Drumroll* Miva!

The Garet Award goes to...*Drumroll* Saucy Goblin!

The Ivan Award goes to...*Drumroll* Miva!

The Mia Award goes to *Drumroll* Shadowfyst997

The Felix Award goes to...*Drumroll* Tich Showers!

The Jenna Award goes to...*Drumroll* Tiamajaybird

The Sheba Award goes to...*Drumroll* Neshi!

The Piers Award goes to...*Drumroll* WitchRolina!

The Matthew Award goes to...*Drumroll* Nedben!

The Tyrell Award goes to...*Drumroll* Saucy Goblin!

The Karis Award goes to...*Drumroll* Safe Haven!

The Rief Award goes to...*Drumroll* Miva!

The Himi Award goes to...*Drumroll* Delfes!

The Eoleo Award goes to...*Drumroll* Catman!

The Sveta Award goes to...*Drumroll* Safe Haven!

The Amiti Award goes to...*Drumroll* Neshi!

Shadow Sneaks into Battle!~

23 December 2016 - 12:22 AM

Hey Guys! MasakoX here and it's time for another episode breakdown I mean, uh, Hi! My names Shadowfyst997(read:fist). I'm the Community Manager over on Sunrise, and i'm making my rounds of all of the forums. Believe it or not though, ironic as it is for the role, i get huge anxiety when joining other forums, and so I've always been a one forum kind of guy. Now though, i'm working on breaking that by joining one forum at a time, posting regular there for a bit, and then joining the next forum. So think of this as the beginning of that! ^.^ That being said, even on Sunrise, i'm pretty hermetical, so don't expect an over the top amount of posts XD

I love Golden Sun and would call it my favorite series of anything ever, although i'm the first to admit it has flaws. Also a huge fan of Homestuck, so expect a lot of references there.

I like to write and host games, most notably my Werewolf and Clue games, which i might end up hosting here? Unsure. We'll have to see how things go XD

Either way, I'm excited to get to know you guys a lot better :3