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Ancient GSAR History

18 May 2018 - 11:19 AM

Hey all. Every now and then I go digging for this sort of thing, and I figured you would enjoy what I found.

Behold: GSAR v2, from when it was still on Geocities in 2002! Warning: if you try to go to the "Home" page, it will bounce you to a different domain (where GSAR moved in 2003) which is now defunct. Most of the links will take you to other pages on v2, but if you go to Jon's photo album, you get to see GSAR v1: the very-most original version of the site! Truly, historic. Look at this ancient GSAR content: the adventures of Garet and Ivan! Wow.

More amazing: what I believe is the second GSAR forum, before GSAR became any kind of popular. There is basically nothing there, but it's still both baffling and miraculous that after 16 years it is still on the internet. Like, it makes sense that the Geocities site is still around, because of the mass Geocities archive effort made a few years ago when Geocities went down. But that ancient proboards forums are still around blows my mind.