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Interforum Challenge 3 - GSHC!

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As before, earn 2 Clan Points by sending a correct answer to the following question by PM to Ignatius before the end of the event:

What are two items added to the game by Erik the Appreciator's ROM hack of TLA in 2013?

Remember that you can also earn an additional 2 Clan Points by sending a screencap to Ignatius of a post you've made on GSHC outside of Introductions!

Similar points will be awarded for posts (max 1 submission per forum posted in) outside of Aperture Science (Aeiou), Intros and Farewells (ToK), and City Gates (Sunrise). These points will show up on your profile as a testament to your activity, regardless of your home forum, or whether you're affiliated with a clan or not! A fuller breakdown of Clan Point opportunities over the event is given in the spoiler at the bottom of this post.

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