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Guess I should reintroduce myself for the newbies.

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Ivan Strider

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Eyo. For those that know me, I have unofficially returned. Still busy, but not super busy to neglect the forum that I so deeply hate love. That was a terrible joke, I'm sorry. But hey I'm back and with some exciting news that probably won't ever be posted, but rather put into the Discord chat for discussion and whatnot.

For those that DON'T know me (all two of you) I'm Ivan. I like cats, sushi, musical theatre, JRPGs, cooking, food, cats, dogs, cats, sushi, other cute guys, sushi, cats....I think I'm forgetting something...oh right! Cats and Sushi.

I also compose music. I would say I'm the most frequent composer, but idk what Misery and Kiri are doing in terms of composition these days so I could be completely wrong.

So yeah hi. I'm back...sorta...I guess maybe? Sure wynaut.



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Newbies where? I want more newbies


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Hi and welcome


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Welcome back, Ivan! I didn't realize you were so into sushi, haha.

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Honestly, I think most people are into sushi... But what's your favorite roll? I like Ikura and the fatty salmon... <3

Anyway, it's wonderful that you decided to make a thread like this. u.u How has life been so far? Ready for uni in the fall?

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Ivan Strider

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I honestly don't have a favorite. As long as it's fresh and not going to make me sick I like pretty much all of them.

Also life's been fair. Been having a number of off days, but that's really only because of the extensive amounts of performances I have to do, so there's no one thing to focus on. and yeah. I just gotta apply for classes

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