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Roast What?

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Come on GSAR Roast Me! Your favorite old man What?

Have fun! Remember a roast is about friendship and like fun.


[10:09:03 PM] Kiri: Gah, What?'s poor spelling is contagious!
[10:09:18 PM] Kiri: It is spreading throughout the lands of Draconis. Soon we shall have an epidemic on our hands.
[10:09:28 PM] CompleteZero: Worse than the banana plague too
[10:09:52 PM] CompleteZero: 'Notable Events'


[6:55:21 PM] Robert Joe: What?, you are not Jenna. You are supposed to eat the Stawberries, not people.





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your avatar is rebellion in a nutshell

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"... but you can love completely without complete understanding." -Reverend Maclean, from "The River Runs Through It" (movie)

"grumble grumble stinkhead grumble grumble poop-for-snot grumble grumble dick" -Ryu Gaia

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You're not even all that old.  I mean I'm not even all that old and i'm older than you.

anyways, I was going to log in and type some mean things for the laughs, but I have difficulty gauging how mean is too mean... so I'm going to pass... despite being really quite good at sick burns, yo.

I mean, I'm not here to kink shame or anything... I know you're really looking forward to all the cruel insults coming your way, you dirty dirty boy...  but outside of completely untrue or unverifiable insults such as telling you that your feet stink... I got nothin'.

or I got too much.

Either way I didn't get your safe word and I don't want to be too rough.

We should all hope and look towards the day where man realizes that the sounds exiting his mouth are mostly complaints and a change occurs. -Chivelle



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View PostWhat?, on 03 May 2018 - 12:15 AM, said:

Come on GSAR Roast Me! Your favorite old man What?
i don't understand; what is "GSAR Roast Me", and where are you encouraging it to go? and are you going to finish that second sentence?

View PostGalactaRay, on 13 August 2015 - 08:43 PM, said:

Fire is the silent hero

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