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Battle Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +24 280
LocationCarvers Camp Shop & Harapa Shop
UnleashesCritical Strike

Themis Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +30 1900
LocationChest in Goma Highlands Road
UnleashesPower ChargeStone Justice

Broad Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +50 1400
LocationAyuthay Shop & Passaj Shop & Border Town Shop
UnleashesCritical StrikeRolling Attack

Vulcan Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +76 4800
LocationChest in The Ouroboros B2
UnleashesCritical StrikeBarrage

Great Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +80 5200
LocationBelinsk Shop & Port Rago Shop & Yamata Shop & Champa Camp Shop & Tonfon Shop
UnleashesPower ChargeCritical StrikeBerserk Rush

Dragon Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +100 10300
LocationTonfon Shop
UnleashesCritical StrikeRolling AttackHeat Mirage

Giant Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +114 14000
LocationChest in Phantasmal Bog 1F
UnleashesStone JusticeBerserk RushMeltdown

Herculean Axe
WeaponAxeBonusesAttack +186 28000
LocationForged from Orihalcon
UnleashesStone JusticeBarrageMeltdownOlympus Rage

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