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WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +6 80
LocationPatchers Place Shop
UnleashesCritical Strike

Heavy Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +26 500
LocationHarapa Shop & Kaocho Shop
UnleashesCritical StrikeRolling Attack

Blow Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +45 2800
LocationChest in Passaj Mountain Climb 3F
UnleashesCritical StrikeBoost Hack

Battle Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +56 2600
LocationAyuthay Shop & Passaj Shop & Border Town Shop
UnleashesPower ChargeCritical Strike

War Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +84 6200
LocationBelinsk Shop & Port Rago Shop & Harun Shop & Yamata Shop & Tonfon Shop
UnleashesCritical StrikeRolling AttackBerserk Rush

Grievous Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +88 7000
LocationChest in Cancer Room in Craggy Peak Ruins B1
UnleashesTerra StrikeFearless Attack

Hagbone Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +108 8400
LocationChest in Belinsk Ruins B5
UnleashesTerra StrikeWyrd Curse

Thanatos Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +125 10400
LocationForged from Old Mace
UnleashesCritical SrikeFearless AttackHeartbreak

Vajra Mace
WeaponMaceBonusesAttack +182 24800
LocationDropped by Thunder Lizard in Crossbone Isle
UnleashesPower ChargeCritical MoveBoost HackFinal Nemesis

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