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Key Items

Key Items
Blue Orb A shining blue sphere
Cave-door Key A key left behind by Briggs
Crush Tusk Bestows Crush when equipped
Dream Leaf An herb that opens a door to dreams
Echo Gem An heirloom of Lady Hinechous family
Elegant Bag A high-quality bag with keepsakes
Gate Card Proof of being a powerful Adept
Glyph Book A book of glyphs in an ancient lang
Grandchilds Gift A gift for grandma back in Kaocho
Grandmothers Gift A gift for a child in Sana
Grip Crystal Bestows Grip when equipped
Hermes Water Enchanted water entrusted to Briggs
Ice Queen Bestows Cold Snap when equipped
Insight Glass Bestows Insight when equipped
Kradens Letter A letter from Briggs to Kraden
Magma Orb A sphere of lava, glowing with power
Magma Shard A shard containing essence of magma
Old Rag A torn piece of clothing
Red Orb A shining red sphere
Roc Feather A feather from the legendary Roc
Sand Prince Bestows Arid Heat when equipped
Sol Mask A mask in the shape of the sun
Stone Key Key for opening a stone lock
Third Eye A treasure from the Watchtower
Treasure Note A note left by Ku-Tsung and Ku-Embra
Tree Flute A flute that plays in the right key
Trusty Staff A strong and supple stick
Umbra Map Marks the locations of the Umbra Gear
Watchtower Key A key to a door in the Watchtower
Wos Letter Letter from Wo to the generals
Yellow Orb A shining yellow sphere

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