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Djinn List

Note: There are a total of 83 Djinn to be discovered in the game, but only 72 of these Djinn can actually be kept by the party. Of the remaining 11, six are loaned to Matthew and Karis in the early stages of the game, and five are kept by Isaac and Garet and are not able to be directly used by the player at all.

Name   Description
Sap This spirit represents the lifeblood of trees and plants and is an old friend of Isaac's. Sap's attack absorbs vitality from foes. (Temporary)
Ground This spirit controls gravitiy and is a friend of Isaac's. Ground's attack creates gravity wells strong enough to paralyze an enemy. (Temporary)
Granite This spirit of very hard stone is one of Isaac's friends. In battle, Granite's tough, wall-like body can defend allies. (Temporary)
Quartz This spirit represents the healing energies of the earth. Quartz can heal wounds by focusing ambient energy into a living creature. (Temporary)
Salt This spirit reflects the trace minerals present in living creatures and is a friend of Isaac's. Salt can cleanse and purify an ally's body of harmful effects. (Temporary)
Flint This spirit was Isaac's very first Djinni. Flint talks a great deal, but is both knowledgeable and nice, so no one complains.
Steel This love spirit is first found in Kaocho. Steel's attack is a vitality-stealing kiss that leaves enemies wanting more.
Flower This flower spirit is found by the gate to Konpa ruins. Flower's sweet scenet has a refreshing and healing effect.
Bark This tough spirit is first met on the Passaj Mountain Climb. Bark's rough hide can protect allies like a shield.
Brick This spirit is found in Harapa. Brick's control over stones allows for the instant creation of defensive barriers.
Vine This spirit has influence over seeds and is found in the Teppe ruins. In battle, Vine plants seeds that grow with amazing speed to hamper foes.
Gears This spirit of inevitability is found north of Border Town. Gears can force evil being to turn on one another.
Furrow Desire is the province of this spirit, who you first meet in Belinsk. Furrow's attack takes vitality from foes by force.
Garland This tree spirit is found in Kolima Village. Garland has a pleasant fragrance that immediately refreshes and relieves fatigue.
Pewter Laurel uses this spirit of emotion as her envoy, sometimes to her regret. Pewter's attack can penetrate strong defenses with molten metal.
Chasm A spirit of the void, this Djinni is found deep in the Belinsk ruins. The vacuum within Chasm draws everything in.
Chain This spirit represents earth's binding powers and is first met on Warrior's Hill. Chain's attacks hold a foe in place to help allies coordinate strikes.
Buckle This metallic spirit joins with Himi. Buckle's influence over metals can harden substances to many times their original strength.
Clover This fragrant spirit is met along with Himi. Clover's fresh scent seems to celanse the soul and is quite calming.
Magnet This lodestone spirit joins the party with Himi. Magnet's attacks paralyze with a powerful force.
Geode This spirit joins the party with Himi and was born from a mineral formation. Geode draws power from far underground to attack.
Ivy This climbing-plant spirit is found in Passaj. With a single look into Ivy's eyes, an enemy may be immediately petrified.
Hemlock This spirit is associated with death and is found at the ruins in Yamata. Hemlock's grim power sentences the living to imminent death.
Chill This spirit of intense cold is found at Carver's Camp. Chill's attack renders enemies brittle and vulnerable.
Sleet This spirit of crystallized ice joins the party with Rief. Sleet's attack wraps enemies in blinding cold, making fighting more difficult.
Surge This geyser spirit joins the party in Barai Temple. Surge can conjure a hot-spring effect that relieves fatigue for allies.
Mist This spirit has influence over sleep and joins your party along with Amiti. Mist's attack enshrouds a foe's mind, making it ready for sleep.
Mellow This spirit of calm waters befriends the party along with Amiti. Mellow's untroubled aura shields the party from hostile Psynergy.
Claw This spirit represents aggressive sea life and joins the party along with Amiti. Claw's attack leaves a foe more vulnerable to Psynergy.
Serac This spirit represents the overpowering cold of a glacier and is met at the Harapa ruins. Serac's attack sucks all heat away from the environment instantly.
Dewdrop This spirit carries the refreshing feeling of morning dew and is met near the Teppe ruins. Dewdrop cleanses the party of toxins and the like.
Torrent This spirit represents powerful currents and is found in Belinsk. Torrent's tremendous energy is contagious and makes the whole party move faster.
Coral This spirit embodies the life-giving properties of the sea and is first met at Port Rago. Coral's aura restores life and health to the injured.
Spout This torrential spirit is met in Belinsk. The force of Spout's watery attack leaves behind a mist that obscures a foe's vision.
Teardrop This spirit embodies tears shed in grief and is encountered in Kolima Forest. Teardrop's own tears can bring people back from the brink of death.
Pincer This spirit represents peaceful sea life and is met in Belinsk. Pincer's attack erodes an enemy's ability to resist Psynergy.
Spring This hopeful spirit represents the water that bubbles from springs and is found in Harun Village. Spring's water is supernaturally refreshing.
Foam This spirit of churning oceans is first met near Tonfon. Foam can create areas of tidal instability that slow enemies down.
Rime This spirit embodies crusted ice and is met on an island in the far north. By encasing an enemy's mind in ice, Rime can seal that foe's Psynergy.
Geyser This spirit represents water under pressure and is found near Imil. Geyser's attack consists of a highly pressurized spray of water.
Shell This spirit of seashells is encountered at Gaia Falls. Shell's hard skin protects allies against the most storm-tossed seas (and enemy attacks).
Torch This spirit of concentrated heat is a friend of Garet's. Torch's focused attack passes through any sort of protection. (Temporary)
Shine This spirit of radiance is Garet's friend. The brilliant flash of Shine's attack blinds enemies around its target. (Temporary)
Flash This incandescent spirit is a friend of Garet's. The light that comes off Flash is intense enough to soften enemy blows. (Temporary)
Spark This spirit of fire's persistence is Garet's friend. Spark's never-say-die attitude inspires allies to fight on despite setbacks. (Temporary)
Corona This spirit of fire's light is a friend of Garet's. Corona's glowing radiance is strong enough to blunt enemy attacks. (Temporary)
Kindle This spirit of ignition is a friend of Garet's. Kindle's influence allows allies to exceed their usual limits of strength and power. (Temporary)
Forge This bolstering spirit is encountered at Patcher's Place. Forge's blazing flame stirs allies to grater ferocity in battle.
Fever This spirit of dreams and hallucinations is found near Konpa Gate. Fever's power overheats a foe's brain, causing delusional thinking.
Cinder This spirit of fire's last remnants is first met in Harapa. Cinder can ignite vigor in an unconscious ally through sheer determination.
Lava This spirit represents fire's power to melt and is first met in Kaocho. Lava's attack is hot enough to melt enemy defenses, leaving foes vulnerable.
Brand This spirit represents fire's controlling aspect and is found in Passaj. Brand can lock an enemy's Psynergy in place with a heat seal.
Fury This spirit embodies hot rage and is first met at Te Rya village. Fury summons the souls of those who died in anger to attack enemies.
Glare This light spirit is first encountered at the Dream Tree. Glare emits light intense enough to blind and injure an enemy.
Reflux This spirit of burning pain joins the party with Eoleo. Reflux is essentially cowardly but lashes out with horns when approached.
Wrath This spirit of hot rage joins the party with Eoleo. Wrath's vicious attack may exhaust an enemy immediately.
Chili This spirit has influence over spicy heat and is a favorite of Eoleo's. Chili's power leaves a foe breathless and unable to move.
Glow This spirit of fading light joins the party with Eoleo. Glow breathes on the remaining embers of life, rejuvenating knocked-out allies.
Stoke This spirit causes fires to burn ever hotter and joins with Eoleo. Stoke's inspiring presence rallies friends to fight more fiercely.
Pepper This spirit brings fiery influence to some foods and joins the party with Himi. Pepper can overwhelm an enemy's senses, leaving the foe stunned.
Tinder This indomitable fire spirit is encountered in Tonfon. Tinder can restoke life's fire with perfect reliability in an unconscious ally.
Fugue This spirit represents the fiery passion of music and is found in Champa. Fugue's infectious rhythm exhausts foes' mental strength.
Sizzle This spirit of blazing heat is first met at Nihan. Sizzle's attack sears foes, leaving them vulnerable to further attack.
Flare This inspiring fire spirit is encountered at the volcanic island cave. Flare's ecstatic light elevates and refreshes the mind.
Aurora This spirit of the sun's warming touch is found at Apollo Sanctum. Aurora's gentle influence heals other Djinn, speeding their recovery.
Gust This fleet spirit is first encountered at the Goma Highlands Road. Gust's tremendous speed always gets the jump on an enemy.
Jolt This lightning spirit is first encountered at the Konpa ruins. Jolt generates a shock that can bring an unconscious ally around again.
Ether This spirit embodies the winds at the highest altitudes and is found in western Kaocho. Allies find Ether's presence calming, even in the midst of battle.
Breath This spirit embodies living breath and is found in Ayuthay. Breath specializes in healing allies in the nick of time.
Vortex This spirit embodies whirlwinds and is found in the Ouroboros. Vortex's attack leaves enemies dizzy and unable to see straight.
Doldrum This spirit represents still air and is found at Craggy Peak. Doldrum can hold an enemy in place by encasing it in unmoving wind.
Sirocco This sandstorm spirit is first encountered in Border Town. Sirocco's swirling winds reduce enemy visibility to zero.
Wisp This spirit of lingering fragrances is first met in Saha Town. Wisp can refresh the mind and heart with invigorating aromas.
Puff This spirit of clouds is first enountered at Talon Peak. Puff fills enemies with cloudstuff until they burst.
Fleet This spirit of energetic winds befriends the party along with Sveta. Fleet's vigor inspires allies to act faster.
Waft This uplifting spirit joins the party along with Sveta. Waft's soothing fragrance lulls an enemy to sleep.
Bolt This electrical spirit joins the party along with Sveta. Bolt's constantly charging current shocks a foe senseless.
Breeze This spirit of soft winds joins the party with Sveta. Breeze's calming influence shelters the mind from harmful Psynergy.
Haze This spirit of swirling vapors joins the party with Sveta. Haze can grant temporary sanctuary to a friend in the form of concealing mists.
Kite This spirit represents flight and is found in Yamata. From a high vantage point Kite gives the party key tactical advice, allowing for an extra action.
Lull This musical spirit is found on an island in the Otka Sea. Lull's song is comforting and causes combatants to have trouble continuing the battle.
Swift This spirit of speed joins the group with Himi. Swift is the fastest of all spirits and always strikes before an enemy can.
Simoom This spirit of burning winds is first found at a small desert island. The violent winds Simoom creates are scorchingly hot and act like a toxin in the body.