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Leather Boots
TypeBootsBonusesDefense +6 270
LocationTe Rya Shop

Safety Boots
TypeBootsBonusesDefense +12, Agility x0.7 700
LocationAyuthay Shop & Chest in Kolima Treetop Mae

Knights Greave
TypeBootsBonusesDefense +16, Max HP +5 2700
LocationBorder Town Shop

Silver Greave
TypeBootsBonusesDefense +22, Luck +4 3800
LocationTonfon Shop

Ninja Sandals
TypeBootsBonusesDefense +19 2000
LocationGive Grandchilds Gift to a corpse

Hover Greave
TypeBootsBonusesDefense +20, Agility +1.5 4500
LocationForged from Quality Zol

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