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Tablet Locations

Note: The summons on this list are ordered in typical order of acquisition.

Found in Carver's Lumberyard. You must first complete the Goma Highlands Road. After you exit Carver's Camp, you will end up on the world map. From there, you head left. Once you are inside Carver's Lumberyard, you must climb up stairs, past the gondola, and then climb down the stairs and head to the tree to your right. After you reach the tree(Do not climb it yet) use Whirlwind from the tree heading left. You must then climb the tree and go around until you see a cave above you. On the fallen over tree to your right(should have flower looking things beneath it) push it right, use whirlwind on the three flower looking thing(name please?) and head across them using the tree and go inside the cave.
Found in Konpa Shrine. From the world map, after you leave Konpa ruins head down and left till you see a cave. Once you exit Konpa Shrine, climb the stairs to your left(Should have a treasure chest). Jump across the first pillar to your right and use douse to extinguish the fires. Keep heading right and then climb the stairs. You will then see a gap with the summon up from your location. You will need to use grip to to get across.
Found in Passaj Mountain Climb. Starting from the room where you previously found the Mars(?) Djinni, head out the left exit. Continue on down until you see a plant that you can use growth on the floor beneath you. You can slide down a floor using the thing(name?) to your right, and again to your left. Climb the wall until you reach the cave(Earlier plant should be to your right. Push the block ahead of you up, right, up. Use cold snap on the puddle near you, and then push the block to your right the following directions: up, left, down, left. Use fireball on the ice pillar you made and push the block up. The way will open at the top of the screen.
Found in North Wall Shrine. After you finish Craggy Peak, head to the upper right corner of the region of the world map you are in and enter the cave. Use fireball on one of the ice pillars in front of you to get through(Save the chest for after the summon or use coldsnap on the melted ice pillar) and then head right. You will see a long line of ice pillars. Use fireball on one of the upper two and climb the stairs, following the ice pillar line. You will then jump across the two ice pillars in front of you and then use grip. Use cold snap on the unreachable object north of your location. From there, drop down a level, and get back to the ice pillar line. Head up and you should see the summon.
Found in Border Town Mine. Starting from Border town, head north, then west to reach the cave. Use coldsnap on the puddle and move on the wooden pillar(Seen along the path heading west). Head back to the stairs near the entrance. jump across the wooden pillar and the ice pillar. Flip the two switches in the north along the way(Both should be pointing left and the lower one should be pointing left and the lower one should be pointing right). Jump in the mine cart and you will then reach the summon.
Found in Border Town. After the Dream Tree has been saved, buy some Dream Leaf from the item store. From there, head to Border Town and sleep at the Inn, making sure to use the Dream Leaf. The gate to Biblin should be open while you are in the dream. Head across to the northeast side of the Biblin side of Border Town and use Growth on the vine. The summon will be right in front of you.
Found in Luna Tower F2. After you activate the Alchemy Dynamo, it will be at the top of the tower. You must read the Gylph tablet.
Found in Belinsk Opera House F1. After you see the Eclipse, head towards the Opera House. Circle around to the back of the stage and you will have to fight some monsters. It will join you automatically.
Found in Harun Channel B1. Harun Channel is found on the island in the northeast. In order to reach it first, you must first get the water running in Warrior's Hill. Head east a section and then head south a section. It will be in the cave at the end of the path.
Found in Burning Island Cave. The island is in the southeast. After you obtain the Sol Blade(Found in the Apollo Sanctum right before the final boss), head back to the general area of where Flare was first seen. You will see a door to the north with a lock. Jump across to it and use the Sol Blade to unlock it. You will then need to fight 5 ogres in order to obtain the summon.
Found in Lost Ship. You will find it in the foggy area in the North. You may need to wander for a bit. As soon as you enter, head east around the sail and head back west(You will end up on the north side of the ship. Head down the stairs. You will see a log that will block your path. Ignore it for now and continue heading east to the room, and then down the next flight of stairs. You should now be in B2. Go to the lower floor and use search on the two lightcircles, and then push the log in the southwest. Push the wooden box in the north so that it makes a path to jump across each statue and head up the ladder to the northwest. You will then need to jump across each statue in a clockwise motion. Once you reach the northeast, make sure to push the statue in the way of the bookcase. Once you reach the west side, head up the next two stairs. Head out the door to the west and keep heading to the west side of the ship. You must first defeat Star Magician before you can obtain the summon.
Found in Otka Island B1. To enter, you must find the Whirlwind near Nihan(Where Izumi and Gaia Rock used to be. Now has Yamata).You must go to where you found Lull and there should be a door in front of you. Use the Sol Blade(Obtained right before the Final Boss) and enter. You will enter a maze area. Head up, left, up, up, up, left, up, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, up, right, up, right, right, right, right, right, up, right, right, down, right, up, right, down, down, right, down, right, down down, down, down, left, up, left, left, left, up, up. Once you reach this area, use search to have the platform appear to reach it. You must first defeat Ancient Devil before you can obtain the summon.
Found in Crossbone Island. In order to reach Crossbone Island, you must first beat the game. Afterwards, head south from Tonfon to the west of the southern peninsula . Head as far down as you can until you can't go any further down. There will be a mimic in the same room(Only chest). Head through the lower door and stay at the west end of the room. Use Search at the end. It will teleport you to the room with Charon.
Found in Crossbone Island, near the same room as Charon. Instead of staying west, this time stay east and use Search to teleport. You must first defeat Dullahan before you can obtain the summon.