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Consumable / Healing Items
HerbRestores at least 50 HP.
Rice RationRestores at least 80 HP.
Kaocho DumplingRestores at least 100 HP.
Plump DumplingRestores at least 120 HP.
NutRestores at least 200 HP.
VialRestores at least 500 HP.
PotionRestores all HP.
Mist PotionRestores at least 300 HP to the whole party.
Water of LifeRevives a downed Party member.
Khiren WaterRestores at least 20 PP.
GinsengRestores at least 50 PP.
Psy CrystalRestores all PP.
AntidoteCures poison and venom when used.
Dried LizardCures Delude/Stun/Sleep.
ElixirCures Delusion/Stun/Sleep.
Sacred FeatherReduces random monster encounters.

Stat-Boosting Items
AppleRaises Attack permanently.
Hard NutRaises Defense permanently.
MintRaises Agility permanently.
Lucky pepperRaises Luck permanently.
Power BreadRaises Maximum HP permanently.
CookieRaises Maximum PP permanently.

Battle Items
Oil DropAttack an enemy with fire in battle.
Smoke BombBlind an Enemy in Battle.
Sleep BombLull an enemy to sleep in battle.
Bramble SeedAttack an enemy with thorns in battle.
Crystal PowderAttack an enemy with ice in battle.
Weasels ClawAttack an enemy with claws in battle.
Psy GrenadeDamages the targets PP as well as HP.
Gunpowder BombExplodes and inflicts damage when used.
FirecrackerExplodes and causes damage when used.
FireworksStartle Djinn with an explosion when used.
Spark ShurikenMakes an electrical attack when used.
Illusion PerfumeDeludes with its fragrance when used.

Psynergy-Bestowing Items
Grip CrystalBestows Grip Psynergy when equipped. Found in Chest in Konpa Ruins 5F.
Sand PrinceBestows Arid Heat Psynergy series when equipped. Found after defeating Sand Price in Alchemy Well.
Ice QueenBestows Cold Snap Psynergy series when equipped. Found after defeating Ice Queen in Harapa Ruins B3.
Crush TuskBestows Crush Psynergy when equipped. Found in Kolima after defeating Sludge.

Forgeable Items
Quality ZolA chunk of high-grade zol stone.
Mythril silverLegendary phantasmal ore.
OrihalconAn ore of great power.
Dark matterA twisted black material.

Sun Sagas
Sun Saga 1Found in Lookout Cabin
Sun Saga 2Found in Patchers Place
Sun Saga 3Found in Passaj
Sun Saga 4Found in Belinsk
Sun Saga 5Found in Klima Village

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