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There are four types of forgable material in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Quality Zol, Mythril Silver, Orihalcon and Dark Matter. In order to forge equipment, take one of these items to Obaba in Champa. She will forge a random item out of a set list. The item that you will get is only determined when you give her the material, so you can save beforehand and just reset the game until you recieve the item you want.

In addition to these four materials, there are also four "broken" weapons that you will find during your journey. Take these weapons to Obaba and she will forge them into shiny, new weapons that you can actually use!

Quality Zol
Item LocationsBelinsk Ruins B5 - Chest
Crossbone Isle B2 - Chest
Crossbone Isle B3 - Chest
Passaj Temple - Chest
Port Rago Canal B1 - Chest
Monster DropsDropped by Sky Dragon in Warrior's Hill
(defeat with Jupiter Djinn to raise chance of drop)