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Djinn are creatures which are infused with the power of Alchemy. Each type of Djinn embodies a particular element: Earth (Venus), Fire (Mars), Wind (Jupiter) and Water (Mercury). Djinn can aid Adepts with their elemental powers, providing a boost to their stats and granting access to powerful new Psynergy abilities, as well as the ability to summon deadly spirits when in battle.
Setting Djinn

Trading Djinn

Trading Djinn

Trading Djinn

Setting Your Djinn

When you discover and obtain a Djinn, it is allocated to one of your party members. The Djinn will be in Standby mode and is effectively just taking up space; it will have to be put into Set mode in order for the character to gain the attribute and Psynergy boost provided by the Djinn. Djinn which are Set can also be used for summoning. After a Djinn has been used to summon, it will be put into Recovery mode, and will be unavailable for use for a number of turns when in battle, or a small period of time when in the overworld.

Trading Djinn

As previously mentioned, any new Djinn that is obtained will be automatically set to the party member who has the lowest number of Djinn. If you wish to set it to another character, you can trade your Djinn among your party members whenever you like when outside of battle; select the Djinn using the stylus and drag the icon to the character that you wish to trade the Djinn to. You may observe the effects that the trade will have on the two characters on the top screen of your DS - the attribute changes will be clearly identified as losses or gains, and the following page will detail the changes in the characters' Psynergy.

It is important to keep several things in mind when setting up your party's Djinn: giving a character Djinn of a single element will result in that character gaining stronger attribute bonuses but a limited range of Psynergy abilities, but giving a character Djinn from multiple elements can provide access to different classes with a greater range of Psynergy skills at the expense of smaller attribute bonuses. Consider this before important Boss battles, and remember that your Djinn setup will effect the Psynergy that you are able to use out in the field as well; you may find that your ideal setup does not provide you with a particular skill that is required to solve a puzzle, and might have to make alterations.

Other Considerations

If you wish to mix up your Djinn, but are unsure of which elements would work best with which characters, you can bring up the character's Status page and view his or her elemental power. The higher the value, the stronger your character will become when set with a Djinn of that element. An adept will always be strongest with a Djinn of his element, but you might find that some characters may also be relatively strong with a Djinn of another element as well, so take this into consideration when setting your Djinn.

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