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Missable Djinn/Summons

Warning: Some of the content contained on this page could be considered to be spoilerific, so beware.

There are three major plot occurances which are referred to as "points of no return" in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - once you go past these points, you will be unable to return to the areas explored before that point, and therefore will be unable to acquire any Djinn, Summons or Items which you may have missed. Therefore, you should consult the following lists in order to make sure that you have not missed anything:

Point 1 - When Rief Joins the Party

Missable Djinn
  Name Location
Chill Carver's Camp
Fever World Map
Flower Konpa Gate
Forge Patcher's Place
Gust Goma Highlands Path
Jolt Konpa Ruins
Missable Summon Tables
Name Location
Zagan Logging Area

Point 2 - The Eclipse

Missable Djinn
  Name Location
Brick Harapa
Coral Port Rago
Dewdrop Teppe Ruins
Doldrum Craggy Peak Ruins
Furrow Island (near Port Rago)
Fury Te Rya
Garland Kolima Village
Gears World Map
Glare Phantasmal Bog
Puff Talon Peak
Sirocco Border Town
Spout Belinsk
Teardrop Kolima Forest
Torrent Belinsk
Vine Teppe Ruins
Wisp Saha Cistern
Missable Summon Tablets
Name Location
Haures Border Town Inn
Moloch Cave near Craggy Peak
Ulysses Border Town Mine

Point 3 - Leaving on the Ship

Missable Djinn
  Name Location
Chasm Belinsk Ruins
Pincer Belinsk
Missable Summon Tablets
Name Location
Crystallux Belinsk Opera House
Eclipse Belinsk Tower