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Sun Saga 1

The saga of the Golden Sun begins long before the transformative event happened over Mount Aleph and the Village of Vale.   The relics that could release the Golden Sun were hidden within a temple known as Sol Sanctum.
Then came a day that the villagers Garet, Isaac, and Jenna set out to meet the local scholar of Alchemy.   They stumbled across strangers in the shadows who desired to possess the relics of the temple.
They rushed to find the scholar Kraden, who said they had to find out if Sol Sanctum had been breached.
  Though only priests were allowed inside, Kraden and his friends dared to enter the temple to find out the truth.
The traps they found within the temple should hav escared them away, but its mysteries lured them ever deeper.   But what they truly couldn't resist was the spirit of adventure.
Their final destination took them to the heart of the mountain where the relics of the temple had been hidden.   Their moment of wander was interrupted by the arrival of thieving fiends!
They'd duped Kraden into solving the temple's riddles for them!
Their guide was Felix, none other than Jenna's brother, who was thought drowned during a storm in Vale three years earlier.
  The thieves stole Jenna and Kraden away...
and then stole the legendary relics from Sol Sanctum... the Elemental Stars!
Isaac and Garet were left to fend for themselves inside the relic chamber.
  Their exit was cut off. They couldn't leave the chamber!
The mountain began to shake angrily, awoken by the loss of the elemental relics.
Magma began to bubble and gush. Mount Aleph was, in truth, a slumbering volcano!
  Isaac and Garet were trapped!
Just then, the protector of Sol Sanctum appeared! The godlike Wise One had come to their rescue!   The Wise One explained that a nightmare had been put into motion by the theft of the Elemental Stars.

Four lighthouses, which had sealed away the apocalyptic power of Alchemy, could now be powered back up!
The lighthouses could be reignited with their matching Elemental Stars...
unleashing Alchemy upon the world.
  After telling of ancient catastrophes averted... and a new one soon to begin...

The Wise One teleported Isaac and Garet safely out of the mountain, and back up to the temple entrance.
They were saved from the volcanic wrath of Mount Aleph.