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Short Bow
WeaponBowBonusesAttack +11 300
LocationPatchers Place Shop & Carvers Camp Shop
UnleashesDouble Shot

WeaponBowBonusesAttack +22 800
LocationHarapa Shop & Kaocho Shop
UnleashesDouble ShotSnipe Shot

Composite Bow
WeaponBowBonusesAttack +65 1600
LocationPassaj Shop & Te Rya Shop & Belinsk Shop
UnleashesDouble ShotArrow Shower

Yew Bow
WeaponBowBonusesAttack +120 13000
LocationGiven to you by a trapped man in Kolima Forest
UnleashesSnipe ShotTriple Burst

Dragon Bow
WeaponBowBonusesAttack +135 16000
LocationChest outside Sana Palace in Tonfon
UnleashesCritical StrikeSpin StrikeFearless Attack

Zephyrs Bow
WeaponBowBonusesAttack +140 18000
LocationExamine the Archer Statue in the Earth area of Apollo Sanctum Gate
UnleashesDouble ShotArrow ShowerCyclone Shot

Silver Longbow
WeaponBowBonusesAttack +150 21000
LocationForged from Mythril Silver
UnleashesDouble ShotUndead BaneStardust

Sagittarius Bow
WeaponBowBonusesAttack +170 29000
LocationForged from Worn Bow
UnleashesTriple BurstStardustBlue Comet

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