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Brass Knuckles
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +85 4200
LocationSveta starts with this weapon
UnleashesBrutal StrikeSteel Swarm

Spiked Knuckles
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +109 8500
LocationChampa Camp Shop
UnleashesForce OffGalactic Blow

Beast Knuckles
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +120 9200
LocationBelinsk Castle Roof
UnleashesGalactic BlowSavage Raptor

Umbra Knuckles
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +160 11000
LocationChest in Burning Island Cave 1F
UnleashesSavage RaptorFeral RushShadow Cannon

Anpsi Knuckles
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +165 14000
LocationDropped by Grand Chimera in Otka Island B1
UnleashesForce CannonFeral RushSatellite Crash

Iron Claw
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +105 7200
LocationYamata Shop
UnleashesWind BladeSpin Slice

Berserker Claw
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +150 10000
LocationDropped by Cerberus in Passaj Mountain Climb
UnleashesWind BladeRising Light

Mythril Claw
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +160 12000
LocationForged from Mythril Silver
UnleashesEndless EdgeDimension Rift

Bloody Claw
WeaponFistBonusesAttack +194 19000
LocationChest in Crossbone Isle B9
UnleashesEndless EdgesFoul SawCrimson Cut

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