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Wooden Stick
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +4 40
LocationPatchers Place Shop
UnleashesCritical Strike

Magic Rod
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +16 380
LocationCarvers Camp Shop
UnleashesGale ForceMurk

Witches Wand
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +32 860
LocationHarapa Shop
UnleashesCritical StrikeStun Voltage

Blessed Ankh
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +46 1600
LocationKaocho Shop
UnleashesBerserk RushPsyphon Seal

Psynergy Rod
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +64 3800
LocationPassaj Shop
UnleashesCritical StrikePsynergy Leech

Frost Wand
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +76 5400
LocationTe Rya Shop
UnleashesCritical StrikeFrostbite

Angelic Ankh
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +83 6400
LocationPort Rago Shop
UnleashesBerserk RushLife Leech

Demonic Staff
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +92 10000
LocationHarun Shop
UnleashesGale ForceCritical StrikeBad Omen

Zodiac Wand
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +102 11400
LocationChest in Port Rago Docks B2 after Talon Peak
UnleashesPsyphon SealShining Star

Crystal Rod
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +106 13400
LocationChampa Camp Shop
UnleashesGale ForceSpiral AssaultDrown

Atropos Rod
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +169 18900
LocationDropped by Fenrir in Endless Wall and Apollo Ascent
UnleashesCritical StrikeFearless AttackLife Shear

Clothos Distaff
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +168 17200
LocationFound in Chest in Lost Ship B1
UnleashesBerserk RushLife LeechPsynergy Leech

Lachesis Rule
WeaponStaffBonusesAttack +177 21700
LocationDropped by Red Wyvern in Crossbone Isle
UnleashesCritical MoveDouble AttackSPiral AssaultApocalypse

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